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How to clean the kitchen: part 3, after the doors and tops

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Find out what our practical and quick advice is for a kitchen that’s always in tip-top condition.

A masonry kitchen is a promise of tradition. Unique and unmistakable, it lends a welcoming, country touch to the setting. It brings to mind the style of once upon a time, in particular that of a house in the country. Often teamed with wooden wall units and doors, it lends a feeling of warmth and recalls the idea of a family gathered around the hearth.


After cleaning the doors we discovered a few secrets for the perfect tops. It’s now time to reveal our techniques on how to clean a masonry kitchen to keep it spick-and-span!

How to clean the kitchen
Provenza Masonry

The Provenza Masonry System is made with a plywood structure. Whether the finish is “rustic”(achieved through one coat of white quartz paint applied by brush and one coat of water-based acrylic white lacquer) or “plaster” (achieved through one coat of fine white quartz paint and one coat of water-based acrylic white lacquer), the cleaning technique is exactly the same.


Using a soft, damp cloth, or a microfibre cloth, you can clean the Provenza masonry surface without damaging it. If more in-depth cleaning is required, then add a little gentle detergent (one that does not scratch, obviously!).
Always rinse the surface carefully and to do this, wring the cloth and wipe off the detergent. At the end of this process, dry all the surfaces involved thoroughly.


What should you do in the event of scratches?
If this is the case, apply the correct amount of varnish on the area concerned; it is usually supplied with the masonry system.

Caution: avoid the use of acetone, trichloroethylene and ammonia. Aggressive products are unnecessary, just be extremely gentle!


Our little guide on how to clean the kitchen doesn’t end here. A kitchen is made up of many different elements, and each one requires special care!

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