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Wallpaper mon amour

Wallpaper mon amour

An amazing comeback allowing the imagination to run riot, with patterns that add an exclusive touch to any setting while offering some useful technical benefits.

Decorating walls, a need that has always accompanied human evolution.
From cave paintings, to frescoes in ancient Roman homes, through to the painted walls adorned with tapestries in the rooms of Renaissance palaces. An art form which has, over the centuries, led to the creation of wallpaper to adorn and embellish the home.


Not Just Science Fiction

Fans of the cult sci-fi TV show “Stranger Things” will no doubt remember the interiors adorned with multi-pattern home decor wallpaper. Dating back to the 1980s, yet never more trendy considering the success which has allowed home wallpaper designs to make a comeback today in order to add value to and transform the rooms of any home, including the kitchen and bathroom, thanks to the use of innovative patterns and materials.

Why use wallpaper

Attractive home decor wallpaper applied in strategic positions, can outline a space while also decorating it. It can be used in strategic areas of the home to enhance its decorative value, on a wall, in a recess, a pillar, or simply to make a particular interior more welcoming. There are now so many different wallpapers to choose from, but let’s have a look at the latest coolest wallpaper trends in 2019.


This is a Scandinavian method, Danish to be exact, for finding happiness in the little things and in the details, including design. One trend is definitely wallpaper featuring pale shades that light up the surroundings, reproducing the effect of wood and recalling natural elements such as stones and bamboo, to reproduce Scandinavian style and suggest relaxation and safety to perfection.

Flower power

2019 will be the year of floral patterns and vintage foliage revisited with a 2.0 twist. The variety of bouquets is definitely ample: you can choose the size, the colour (including black and white) and the shape you prefer depending on the room to be customised: small blooms and pale shades for the smaller, more poorly lit rooms of the home, and large flowers with bold colours for bigger, brighter settings.

As big as the World

Opening up your view of the world, wallpaper with giant designs of cities and metropolises is ideal for urban-style home interiors and to add depth to the room. But these are not the only wallpaper designs to create a portal between the domestic world and the outside world. Panoramic prints reproduce architectural features such as arches, pillars or windows for a highly sophisticated and stylish trompe-l'œil and three-dimensional effect. Perfect for application on the back wall of a room, to make it seem bigger or to furnish it in an original way.

Bathroom And Kitchen? Of Course!

These days, wallpaper is made using the most sophisticated technologies, making them suitable also for use in bathrooms and kitchens. They are hard-wearing, like the vinyl and fibreglass kind, coated with waterproofing sheaths that make them suitable for use in humid and damp environments in contact with water. Simply pick high-impact graphics and colours to create a veritable oasis of well-being and put together scenic living areas.

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Wallpaper mon amour