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Harmony of style with Living Room Furniture Evolution

Harmony of style with Living Room Furniture Evolution

Living Evolution, a choice of character for trendy furnishing

A harmonious combination of style characterized by ergonomics, functionality and clean lines.
This is Living Evolution, capable of enhancing the special value of space at the heart of the house.

Intense scenic effect Living Evolution embraces the kitchen area, giving new personality and vitality to the heart of the home.

Multiple solutions to accommodate the search for design, comfort and quality and to create dynamic and functional settings.

For a matching living room in the same style as the kitchen, we have come up with doors featuring the same finishes: Concrete Medium decorative melamine base units and Prestige White matt lacquered wall units. This living room solution also features Anthracite coloured metal wall units that add a touch of industrial style typically found in contemporary home furnishings to the whole setting. 

The living room furniture guarantees domestic continuity among the living area spaces thanks to the skilful combination of materials, the continuity of shapes and the striking yet simple silhouettes.

A solution packed with personality and trendy furniture.


Чередование светлых и темных оттенков в интерьере гостиной – это стильный выбор, позволяющий создавать лаконичное элегантное пространство: тумбы с декоративной облицовкой цвета Дуб Artic и лакированной глянцевой отделкой цвета Серо-коричневый, с отделкой и цветом навесных шкафов и столешницы, мастерски сочетаются с открытыми навесными шкафами из металла цвета Антрацит.
Различная высота тумб разбивает линейность композиции, создавая приятную динамичность в интерьере этой гостиной. Использование тумб – это функциональное решение для хранения предметов повседневного обихода.
Уверенная индивидуальность гостиной, бьющегося сердца дома.

Glass and wood play the starring role in this living room furniture solution.
Wall units with an Anthracite finish aluminium frame and Screen glass door combined with base units with Land Oak decorative melamine frame door - elements that adorn this composition, injecting the typical technical soul found in craftsmen’s workshops into their surroundings.
The glass implemented stands out for its special partially "see-through” processing, a useful "stratagem" for furniture, to conceal the contents of the cabinets, which aren’t always perfectly neat and tidy!
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Harmony of style with Living Room Furniture Evolution