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Raffaello Pravato


Ductility, elegance and style

Raffaello Pravato introduces Regard by Scavolini

"Ductility, elegance and style are the objectives I set myself with this project.
Ductility: this means proposing a contemporary atmosphere with a lightness of form and colours to those who love living with classic taste. The result therefore had to maintain some signs of tradition in the framed door and delicate appearance of the harmonious cherry wood grain. It means suggesting, to those who wish to savour living in a genuine, authentic, current space, the decisive, yet refined character of the oak finish that, when lacquered, exalts and defines the natural features of this noble material. Elegance: in a bid to offer a new sensory approach, I blended time-old materials like wood and stone with the more modern and technological stainless steel and glass, striving to grant the product details of light, a sensation of aesthetic lightness, elegant practical value.
Style: the ‘kitchen area’ has, over time, recovered its central position as the heart of the family social life. The time spent preparing and consuming meals, although in a simple and informal manner, is still experienced as a ritual. This lifestyle inspired me to present compositions with distinctly modern modules, in my attempt to allow new concepts of practical function and warm atmospheres of elegant contemporary classicism stand side-by-side".
Raffaello Pravato

"It has always given me pleasure to think that designing a piece of furniture means ‘entering in harmony’ with those who, choosing it, appreciate the aesthetic expression, enjoy the sensations it evokes and obtain suggestions from it to identify their lifestyle."

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