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Historic Brands

We usher in 2023 with a prestigious acknowledgement: we have been added to the Special Register of Historic Brands of National Interest. The Register was set up by the Ministry of Economic Compliance with the aim of protecting and enhancing the value of excellence "Made in Italy” and it only includes trademarks that have been in business in Italy for at least fifty years and relate to outstanding national manufacturing concerns that are historically linked to their local territory.

A new and significant acknowledgement testifying to the historicity and continuity of the company among the leading furniture manufacturers and synonymous with excellence Made in Italy across the globe.

"This important new achievement fills us with pride and constitutes yet another step in our journey that allows us to look back with gratitude and continue to build our future with a positive and enthusiastic mindset. Special thanks go to my father Valter and uncle Elvino, who created this company through sacrifice and passion, and to all the people who, both past and present, have enabled Scavolini to reach this point: our customers, our employees and all our partners. Being included in the Special Register of Historic Brands of National Interest validates the deep connection we have with our territory, which translates into our ongoing commitment to manufacturing in Italy.

Having our headquarters and production plant in Italy is in fact one of our strengths, as it allows us to control the quality of our products and manufacturing processes, offering our clientele greater guarantees”  comments Fabiana Scavolini, CEO of Scavolini.