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Fitting the dishwasher under the hob

Fitting the dishwasher under the hob

Optimising space with the dishwasher under the burners. Tips and tricks for a custom-sized kitchen!

Installing a dishwasher under the hob is definitely doable, especially if you know what to look out for to achieve an impeccable end result. After all, there are only a handful of things you can do without in a kitchen, and a dishwasher is not one of them; indeed, you can resort to customised solutions to make room for everything. It goes without saying that the area set aside for appliances should be designed by thinking outside the box in order to be truly welcoming and surprising. Let’s find out how, together!

Make room for your ideas

Optimising space in the kitchen with an unusual layout, such as installing the dishwasher under the induction or gas hob, is an original and smart way to make your furniture responsive to modern-day requirements and the needs of the occupants of your home. To understand the pros and cons of placing the gas hob over the dishwasher, you need to consider the size of the kitchen and its intended use, so as to be clear on what you need to start with.
One advantage of this solution is definitely convenience: the base unit housing the hob will be exploited for two appliances, without needing separate spaces for each one. Nevertheless, it is important that the sink is not located too far away from the hob, in order to stack the dishwasher with your dirty dishes conveniently.
Another advantage is that you can make the most of this kitchen space, which is generally used for a far from ergonomic positioning of the oven, for an appliance which on the other hand is almost always fitted lower down. It is definitely a valid alternative, especially if the oven is then installed inside a tall unit or in a larder unit, perhaps beside the refrigerator.

Practical considerations


Now we’ve covered the first considerations. So, does installing the dishwasher under the hob have contra-indications? To benefit from the practicality of this solution, it is essential that you know the dimensions of the dishwasher and those of the cabinet set to house the hob, both in terms of width and depth. If they are compatible, then that’s a great place to start!

In addition, you need to check the positions of the gas and electricity connections, for the hob, to be combined with the electrical connection and drain for the dishwasher. Perhaps not everyone has considered this fact, but both the dishwasher and the hob - whether gas or induction - have something in common: they generate heat towards the worktop. That’s why placing them one beneath the other requires a partition measuring a few centimetres so that neither one damages the other. One idea could in fact be to make the most of the thickness of the worktop itself: opting for an extra-thick top will allow for more separation between the two appliances. It will make things much simpler if you choose two appliances from the same manufacturer, which must clearly be specified as being compatible. This will avoid functionality problems with both products.

Last, but by no means least, the fixing hooks, the gas pipes and the various elements making up these appliances must be able to “cohabit” in order to be installed close to one another. At this stage, we can focus on which appliances you should choose, so here are some tips.

The choice of appliance


Once you have completed the necessary assessments, you can proceed with your choice. In order to identify the best solution, it is advisable to check the instructions provided by the manufacturer of both appliances, i.e. the hob and the dishwasher. Some hob manufacturers clearly specify the possibility of combining the appliance with the dishwasher underneath it. You should also keep this in mind when one of the appliances needs to be replaced.


Another useful stratagem is to pick an induction hob: the heat of the burners will be reduced and the kitchen will appear more clean-cut and minimal. In this case, a slimline hob or one that is almost flush with the work surface will make everything more harmonious. Don’t forget that installation will also be easier, thanks to the lack of cumbersome gas connections.
One extra piece of advice is to set up a power outlet that is easy to reach, for the hob and for the dishwasher. This way, you will be able to check any breakages without the need to take the dishwasher out of its base unit.

Have you already decided how to plan your kitchen with a dishwasher? Come and visit us in store or visit the on-line Scavolini Shop to find just the right solution for you!

Fitting the dishwasher under the hob