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2021 interior design trends

2021 interior design trends

A look at the new looks for the home, from colours to accessories.

2020 gifted our homes the role of absolute star player in our lives. The domestic space had the vital task of becoming our safe haven and a place to multi-task between household chores, working from home and home schooling. A complex world, where the traditional elements which make up the essence of our homes came together in a synergistic way with new relationship systems, creating unprecedented horizons for contemporary living too.
Now, what does 2021 have in store? Definitely the reinforcement of the trends which marked the past year, heralding key words such as connection, creativity, intimacy and relaxation, which will come to life with the use of colours, styles and accessories we choose to surround ourselves with. Here are the latest trends for 2021 interior design.

Shared spaces and multi-functionality


The current way of life has not only made our habits less clear-cut and defined, but it has concurrently highlighted certain changes which were already under way, turning them into concrete new trends. Multi-tasking spaces are now a reality which has taken shape and are not only a necessity, but a genuine must.
Clear-cut distinctions have made way for spaces which can be converted into something else in no time. The kitchen and living area, which have now become Siamese twins, overlap one another in their functions; the bathroom, a room in which to exercise, read and relax, is increasingly becoming an extension of the bedroom, which in turn can also become an office to work from home.

In this domestic microcosm, which changes appearance and reinforces the intentions of greater fluidity and cohesion, modular, multi-functional furniture constitutes the ideal solution to optimise space, accommodating logistic needs under the banner of design.

Natural, eco-sustainable choices


The awareness, which has taken on much more significance this past year, of how unique and precious nature is for mankind, in all its wonderful facets, leads us to understand with renewed sensitivity how important it is to look after the environment around us, both indoors and out.
The choice of trendy interior design materials for 2021, such as wood, stone, and marble in all their various applications, becomes a way to reconnect furniture with the world that’s out there. But that’s not all: this drive towards natural materials is supported by a focus on eco-sustainability and the use of recycled materials, such as glass and plastic, which have also definitely become mainstream.

What’s more, the uncovered pleasure of walking out in natural greenery stimulates the desire to supplement spaces with outdoor elements. Creating green corners or dotting our homes with friendly plants and aromatic herbs helps us retain that connection with nature in the city too; they also have some positive effects on domestic air because they’re not only lovely to look at, blending in with any interior décor style, but they also release oxygen and filter pollution. A genuine breath of fresh air!

Smart home


Technology catering to the needs of mankind? That’s right, because a connected and efficient home can be achieved through state-of-the-art solutions and functions, aimed at making everyday activities simpler, for greater comfort and peace of mind.
Easy to use, safe, enjoyable: in the end, that’s what we need from our appliances and furniture, which we come into contact with in our everyday lives. One of the 2021 new kitchens is Dandy Plus, which constitutes the epitome of technological evolution and involves the bathroom and living room as well. The characteristic Task Bar houses slots to accommodate your home’s smart functions; here, framed by recycled plastic rings, are power outlets and USB ports. One example of what a super smart home looks like!




The colours which will distinguish this 2021 accommodate the need for flexibility and the principle that everything is in progress, everything changes and nothing stays the same. Neutral hues, that are reassuring yet versatile, such as grey, easily adapt to different styling principles, furnishing different types of home. Sober tones can be supplemented or combined with great freedom with warm and bright hues, alternating feelings of comfort and relaxation with sparks of pure energy and positivity. The 2021 interior design colours applied to furniture, coverings and accessories - and for those who like it, to wallpaper too - emphasise the choice of natural materials, with a sole objective: to create a peaceful place that is at the same time packed with creativity, as only nature can be!

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2021 interior design trends