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Baltimora. The hues of wood for current conviviality.

Baltimora. The hues of wood for current conviviality.

The charm of a classic kitchen

The different version of the Baltimora kitchen by Scavolini, available in new stains, shades and finishes, is luxurious and sophisticated.

The elegance of Baltimora

Baltimora by Vuesse with M. Pareschi. A great variety of finishes and colours, a single basic idea: blending the charm of a classic kitchen with an elegant contemporary concept.

The purity of Absolute White Oak

The version of Baltimora in Absolute White Oak has a truly stunning and appealing look. Its elegance is the result of carefully designed solutions which enhance the various cupboards, intricate frames and interior lighting systems for display units.

Alongside the beautiful details emphasising its aesthetic value, the kitchen boasts a number of unusual solutions and finishes. 

Centre stage is an island featuring an antique finish steel top onto which the main operative functions are concentrated.

The warm tones of wood for a stylish result

The model with Natural Oak wood doors and shades of green is a prestigious solution used to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Featuring a breakfast bar peninsula, ceramic knobs, wooden frames and glass elements, the traditional appearance of this model is enhanced with a decidedly contemporary appeal.

Ash for a "time recovered" look

Harmony and an appreciation of beauty are the defining features of the White Ash version of Baltimora.
Decorstyle ceramic worktops, friezes and brass embellish even the sink area and corner hob.

The traditional and the contemporary blend in perfect harmony in the Baltimora wood kitchen where entertainment, the joy of cooking and new lifestyles reach optimal understanding in a highly customised, important, prestigious ambiance.

Black: total elegance

The exquisitely classic Matt Black Lacquer version of the Baltimora kitchen exhibits stunning yet unusual style and oozes glamour.

This elegant colour, combined with silver decorative elements and steel appliances, transforms the kitchen into a beautiful and prestigious living space.

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Baltimora. The hues of wood for current conviviality.