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Tetrix: aesthetics without limits

Design & Style

A new way of designing the kitchen

Inspired by the video game Tetris, this new kitchen stems from the creative genius of Michael Young and Scavolini defines an approach to life that – for the first time – leaves the purchaser unlimited freedom in choosing the kitchen composition.

Arranging the kitchen modules as if they were toy blocks.

Freedom in the choice of configurations and colours.

A new way of designing the kitchen
At the heart of Tetrix– a project by Scavolini and Michael Young – lies the willingness to satisfy a growing desire for customising the kitchen environment through greater freedom in the choice of configurations and colours.

The solution to these needs is an architecturally rational kitchen that – through its modular system featuring original geometric dimensions – is able to adapt to any aesthetic or functional requirement. The modules can be combined along horizontal lines according to unconventional patterns.
Tetrix kitchen - Scavolini
The charm of colour

The uniqueness of Tetrix lies in the possibility of creating a myriad of colour combinations. As many as 8 glossy and 8 matt colour kits – designed by Michael Young – are available.

Alongside the monochrome solution that evokes a metropolitan atmosphere, the panels of fronts may combine several colours to create a charming slatted effect and clearly define the various composition sections or module blocks (bases, wall units and tall units) to obtain customised colour combinations.

Open elements and Tetrix features

The concept of modularity is also applied to the island. In the example on the right, the table top joins onto the underside of the counter worktop. The underlying short container module enhances its design while improving and multiplying its functionality.

In accordance with the latest interior design trends, Tetrix discards handles in favour of groove profiles in the upper section of doors (on base units) and on the vertical side of tall units.
Wall units are opened through the shaped bottom or standard push-pull opening system, or optional motorised system.

Besides being aesthetically innovative, the kitchen turns out to be perfectly functional. From the sober lines emerge pull-out drawers and baskets, fridge and accessorised compartments.
Open elements such as bookshelves and cabinets for TV and Hi-Fi sets also claim their due space: nowadays a regular feature of any kitchen design, these elements allow for creating a large open environment or unifying the living room and kitchen styles.

Tetrix kitchen - Scavolini
Scavolini Kitchen Tetrix
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