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Placeholders for your holiday table

Living at home

Do you already have plans to host a few Christmas parties at your home?

Choosing the right tablecloth and tableware is easy, as long as you stick with the typical Christmas colors: for a traditional table, white, green and red or silver/blue and cream/gold for a more elegant and formal atmosphere.
However, to really make your table memorable, nothing personalizes your style like a few, special details.
Here are a some ideas for placeholders for the most festive table of the year: some more traditional, others less, and all easy to make.
Traditional placeholders

The simple dinner napkin is the most commonly used place marker, but also the easiest to personalize.
It can be placed on the dinner plate along with a decorative touch, for example:
> Christmas balls “stolen” from the Tree (all the same or each one different, depending on the style of the table linens and tableware);
> small pine cones, bells or cinnamon sticks tied to the napkin with colorful string or ribbon;
> Christmas cookies in different shapes, or walnuts and almonds that can be eaten before dinner.

Candles are also traditional, but provide great visual impact when coordinated with table linens and placed on the dinner plates to be lighted just before the guests arrive.
If you are good with your hands, wreaths can be easily made from fir and pine branches twisted together with ribbons, fastened with string and decorated in Christmas colors.

Placeholders meant to be eaten or given as gifts

Small desserts are perfect, especially if "three dimensional". Mini Christmas cakes placed on each plate, or fir trees made out of star-shaped cookies or cake slices (layered from largest to smallest). To make things easy you can always use “three dimensional” dessert moulds, perhaps in the shape of a fir tree: just pour the batter in the mould and bake, when cooled the cakes are easy to remove without breaking!

A simple gift is another excellent alternative. Make sure it is as useful as it is beautiful.
If cooking is your passion and there are gourmets on your guest list you might like to put together small books and fill the pages with recipes for all of the dishes you will be serving in the course of the meal.

Lots of little ideas for a special Christmas with friends and family!

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