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Kitchens with recessed grip profiles in various colours

Kitchens with recessed grip profiles in various colours

Modernity meets functionality: here are a few kitchens with coloured recessed grip profiles

Are you about to plan or renovate your kitchen? As part of the compositions available, you could pick a kitchen with recessed grip profiles, which combine a modern design, clean-cut silhouettes and an extensive range of colours to suit every taste and style. Look at how wonderfully colourful they are!

Contemporary and minimalist design

Kitchens with a recessed grip profile are distinguished by a contemporary and minimalist design: indeed, the absence of any handles gives them a clean-cut, streamlined appearance, making the furniture play the starring role.

However, does a kitchen without any handles and knobs make it inconvenient or impractical? No worries: the recessed grip profile, in other words a recess made into the cabinet (with a customisable profile) acts as a grip to open drawers and doors, creating seamless, harmonious aesthetics: this minimal furniture style is perfect if you’re going for a modern and sophisticated kitchen look.

Extensive range of colours

What colour would you choose for your kitchen with recessed grip profile? There really is something for everyone with Scavolini, whatever your taste and style: shades range from timeless neutrals such as white and beige, to bolder hues like red, and even dark shades like blue. In short, it all depends on how you want to customise the interiors, creating a unique kitchen setting, which sets the tone for the other rooms in your home. Some suggestions?

Blue kitchen with recessed grip profile

If you’ve always preferred a beach house to a mountain chalet, to feel soothed by the ebb and flow of the tide at home too, our advice is to opt for blue and white furniture, which immediately bring the seaside to mind.

Green kitchen with recessed grip profile

Have you got a green soul? Green is another extremely popular colour used in modern kitchens. It is available in both warm and cold hues: the final effect is always a surprise and recalls nature, for a super welcoming and comfortable kitchen ambiance.

Grey kitchen with recessed grip profile

A grey kitchen is definitely synonymous with elegance and, in the more modern versions, it dons “austere” materials such as steel, turning the room into a Michelin star restaurant: can you see yourselves pottering around here to create new recipes? Thanks to the opening system provided by the doors with recessed grip profile, it’ll be child’s play, you’ll see!

Colours and materials
Kitchens with recessed grip profiles in various colours