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The kitchen sink

The kitchen sink

Which are the best kitchen sinks?

Kitchen sinks are one of the most elemental yet underestimated items in any home: from food preparation to washing dishes, the sink plays an essential role in our domestic routine, facilitating many everyday tasks. That is why it is important to choose a kitchen sink that is functional, durable and suitable for our lifestyle (and décor): let’s look at some models together!

Sink material and dimensions

When it comes to kitchen sinks, there are several options to choose from: from classic stainless steel models to modern granite or ceramic sinks, the possibilities are almost endless. The choice depends mainly on personal taste and on individual needs: for instance? If you enjoy cooking and love spending time in the kitchen, we suggest you opt for a double bowl sink or a deep monobloc sink, which is extremely practical for larger-sized oven trays and cookware. On the other hand, if the available space is limited, the ideal choice would be to go for a compact, smaller sink which can fit comfortably between your kitchen cabinets.


In addition to the dimensions and the material, there are other important characteristics to consider, including the type of  installation: we can mainly distinguish between inset sinks, which rest on the kitchen worktop, and built-in bowls, which instead form a single whole with the surface and deliver a more clean-cut and minimalist aesthetic.


Did you know that you can also customise certain sink accessories? Many sinks are in fact equipped with drainers, chopping boards or grilles which on the one hand support your culinary experiments and on the other protect the surface: these small details make a difference in your kitchen routine, making cleaning and preparation tasks more efficient and less tiresome.


A carefully chosen sink can add a touch of character to your kitchen, turning it into a welcoming and inviting space. Whether your interior design style is industrial, minimal or vintage, you can rely on sinks in a broad range of colours, shapes and finishes, to suit any taste and design.

The kitchen sink