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L'importanza di essere Green Mind

L'importanza di essere Green Mind

Scavolini’s project for the protection of the environment.

Una delle cose che possono fare la differenza, quando scegliamo il nostro arredamento, è se l'azienda a cui abbiamo deciso di affidarci ha a cuore l'ambiente.
Nel nostro caso la risposta è sì, ecco perché.

La riduzione dei rifiuti prodotti è uno dei nostri obiettivi. Proprio per questo effettuiamo al nostro interno un'attenta raccolta differenziata, separando oltre 30 tipologie di rifiuti differenti.

This is Scavolini Green Mind
Attention to the environment and our planet can reflect in various eco-friendly behaviours like responsible use of resources, the use of renewable energy, and the recycling of waste materials.
In our case, the combinations of these green-oriented activities translate into a great project: Scavolini Green Mind and it involves energy, waste, air and water.

For several years we have only used energy derived from renewable sources.

To achieve this, we installed on the roof of our factories, a state of the art photovoltaic system.

Part of our hot water is also provided by solar panels.

Reducing the quantity of waste materials produced is also one of our goals.
It is precisely for this reason that we have enforced internally a careful sorting of recyclable materials, separating more than 30 different types of waste, which allows us to send 90% of them for recycling.
The waste types recovered in greater amounts are paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metals and plastics.
Each material is reused in new production processes or utilized to obtain energy.

Air and water

Water is a common utility and we should all pay attention in consuming it.
To protect this valuable resource, as well as to take every measure to avoid wastage, our reserves for fire prevention are integrated with rainwater basins.
In this way, we can implement "natural recycling", rather than cause a burden on resources of drinking water from the aqueduct.
Air quality is also one of our priorities.
To check compliance with legal limits and reduce polluting emissions, we carry out careful checks on emission levels produced.
This is possible because we have the best filtering and abatement of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere, allowing for the continuous reduction of pollution.

L'importanza di essere Green Mind