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Red, over the rainbow

Colours and materials

The colour of Christmas, of a burning log fire, the symbol of new energy and rebirth. Let’s find out how to warm up the home and make it more welcoming with the latest “hot” colour.

Every season has its colours. Summer is packed with various shades of blue, while in winter, the colours orange and red dominate dusk time which leads up to the long, cold December and January nights. Then there are times during the year which are intrinsically linked to specific colours. For instance, if you think of the colour red right now, what springs to mind? Christmas, a burning log fire, a warm, radiant and welcoming home.


red kitchen - LiberaMente Scavolini
Christmas Red: new stylish hues

The colour red embodies our desire for joyful reunions. Decorating the rooms of your home, the kitchen and living room in particular, injects some festive fun into your surroundings. The colour palette for Christmas 2018 focuses first and foremost on red, followed by classic shades of gold, silver, blue and total white. And if we feel like having some fun and creating new colour combinations? Among the new offerings this year, the mix of fabrics and patterns in bright colours such as red, mustard and petrol green are ideal for creating the perfect folk style. Or how about plenty of gold on elaborate decorative patterns and damask fabrics in dark hues filled with brown, blue and burgundy for a more sumptuous Rococo style? 

Playing Tetrix

Red kitchens are magnetic, and completely eye-catching. Red is the highest colour in the rainbow, the first shade that a newborn can discern. Like a child, the attraction to red is irresistible!

We can play with red and get excited it, but - as they say - playing is a serious thing.

With Tetrix we can combine the imagination with rationality of composition, having fun customising the kitchen with several combinations of modules and colours. Without limiting the imagination too much (nor everyday requirements).


red kitchen - Tetrix Scavolini

The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true” as Judy Garland sang in the famous film “The Wizard of Oz”.

Red is a dream come true, especially now that it’s Christmas and we want to fulfil our dream of finally feeling at home.


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