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In Italian bathroom design, choice of well-being and customizing is a must.

Italian Bathroom Design

The rules of Italian bathroom design dictate that in addition to being practical, a bathroom should also be beautiful: the choice of the style of furniture therefore becomes a very personal matter, which depends on taste and space requirements. An Italian bathroom in fact, is not composed only of fixtures, but also of surfaces, fittings and furnishings... bathroom furniture. The furniture itself is not just containers, but is designed to lend style and personality to an environment that is not only a place of service but a place to relax and take care of yourself. Choosing the furniture in the bathroom therefore becomes crucial for creating an environment in line with your own personal taste.

If you like a minimalist style, the ideal is to focus on clean lines with a contemporary feel, like the Idro line by Scavolini Bathroom. It is an original design inspired by minimalism and enhanced by furniture and accessories with clean and elegant lines.
Refined protagonists of the program are suspended modules with rounded corners and doors inclined at 45°. The environment is enhanced by the unique design of the counter with integrated sink made of Cristalplant, an innovative material pleasant to touch and easy to clean.
Italian Bathroom Design
Italian Bathroom Design

If you prefer soft lines, one of the hottest trends in Italian bathroom design are curved furniture with elegant and sinuous shapes. These items are not only beautiful to look at, but they allow you to better organize your space and facilitate movement, eliminating sharp edges. An example of this original design is the curved base Aquo with washbasin: a suspended element with a new form that lends great personality to the environment.

Colors are also fundamental when choosing furnishings for the bathroom. They give personal style to the environment and their ability to convey certain emotions and feelings is well known, affecting body and mind. The most commonly used shades are those that belong to the range of blues and greens, because they are the the colors which are closest to the water element. Bathroom furniture design in shades of blue promote calm, while green furniture, the color of nature, communicates balance and harmony.

Italian Bathrooms Aquo

For example, the Idro line offers the possibility to create solutions using refined lacquer Laguna Blue and Turquoise. The all white style is also widespread: white represents rationality, hygiene and purity. Very stylish and effective is also the choice of black: black furniture indicates strength and solidity. A bathroom element of this color, when paired with care and balance to the rest of the room (walls, tiles and accessories) transmits great elegance.

Italian Bathrooms Scavolini Aquo

The possibilities for those who want to indulge themselves with a bathroom with the most unconventional colors are extensive. The most contemporary colors, which create great beauty and harmony in the bathroom, are amethyst and gray tundra. For those who want to give a touch of warmth to the room an excellent choice is to use shades of red or orange, colors that stimulate joy and energy.

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