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Bathroom colours galore

Bathroom colours galore

Chromatic connotations in the bathroom that make it a place for well-being, enjoyed in total continuity with the remainder of the home.

The bathroom is increasingly becoming the star of the domestic habitat. Materials, finishes and furniture take on characteristics that mirror the mood of the other rooms in the home. In this new uniform scenario, where intimacy and sociability merge, colour plays a fundamental role in conveying emotions and a feeling of comfort that satisfies all senses. 


Colourful well-being

In this context, the choice of colour does not only express an aesthetic purpose, but it also has a strong identity that strongly characterises the home in full, going far beyond merely decorative aspects. Today, the bathroom, whether large or small, constitutes the place par excellence where one spends time and feels pampered, establishing an intimate and almost therapeutic relationship with all elements, including colour.


While it is true that total white is still the absolute favourite for kitchens and living rooms, it is no surprise that some opt for colours which are closer to the earth, soft and warm, and natural materials such as wood due to the feelings of well-being that they convey. Like in this Juno bathroom proposal where the Vertigo decorative melamine used on the vanity units and top are matched to perfection with the top and open-fronted elements in Landscape Oak decorative melamine.

Chromatic variety

Colours, in their most diverse blends and hues, whether combined with white or with primary shades of red, blue and yellow, or their complementary hues of green, orange and purple, are at the basis of chromotherapy and thus vital to our well-being. The matt finish enhances the tactile softness of the surfaces, whether lacquered, decorative melamine or solid surface. Whereas the polished glass or glossy lacquered finish emphasise aspects of extreme brightness. 

Colour in every detail

The world of sanitary ware and accessories liaises with the rest of the setting, blending in seamlessly with the furnishing context. In particular, the washbasin, whether the sit-on model or the built-in version, matches the colour and material of the element which it comes into closest contact with, i.e. the top.
Whereas for the taps, beyond the traditional chrome finish, the metal versions in CopperBrass and Bronze colours have significant visual and tactile efficiency. Extremely classy and trendy, they provide the maximum combination compatibility with an innovative and minimal design.

Colores y materiales
Bathroom colours galore