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Freedom of colours and materials in the kitchen!

Freedom of colours and materials in the kitchen!

Perfect finishes, innovative materials and sophisticated colour combinations to design the domestic setting of your dreams.

We only perceive it when there is light. In the dark, magically, it disappears, surprising us when, struck by a light source, it reappears in all its reassuring splendour. We’re talking about colour, one of the most fascinating elements of our reality, sometimes passionate and packed with punch, and others enveloping and relaxing. Its power is surprising, because it is capable of changing our perception of space: it can extend it in the case of confined locations, and - depending on the circumstances - can make it more comfortable or lively. These are the main reasons why colour is a great ally of design.


Variations in colour

Pure white, light greys or near blacks, and hints of strong and intense colours: just as functionality guides choice in the kitchen, finishes and materials constitute a significant discriminating element in the representation of one’s personal taste.

Elegance and prized materials

The warmth of materials for a welcoming setting

A welcoming setting, distinguished by cabinets, colours and materials that represent us, is a place where we can rediscover how much fun it is to spend time together.

In this proposal of Mood, the silhouettes of the modern kitchen, simple yet striking, are combined with tradition materials. The breakfast table with dedicated Levity transparent glass support and the Fokos Roccia Porcelain Stoneware top are teamed perfectly with the Azimut concrete of the wall units with slanted door, which is also used in the island, the Season Oak Wood of the base units and tall units and the Iron Grey decorative melamine of the “Fluida” System bookcase.

Juxtaposed shades of colour that make for surprising combinations and elegant choices, which are always sober and measured.

The colour variants and materials define the degree of customisation of an item of furniture. When planning yours, choose and mix colours and materials carefully so that they are in keeping with the rest of the room.

Colores y materiales
Freedom of colours and materials in the kitchen!