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The feelings of wood on doors and tops

The feelings of wood on doors and tops

Wood selections: our furniture offerings with perfectly combined wood finishes. Just like nature, which inspired them!

The porous and rough texture, the grain with its rustic charm, the eternal appeal of wooden tops and doors: nature and its beauty are allowed into our homes thanks to mesmerising charming combinations. The feelings from the outside give rise to objects for use indoors, teaming up with glass, with total-white elements and unprecedented colours throughout the home. This trend affects the whole kitchen, enters the walk-in wardrobe, ambles through the living room and reaches the bathroom too. The multiple types of kitchen doors and tops in wood finish are never a boring choice: browse through our most eye-catching solutions!

Wood & Glass

In nature, wood is a matt material, perfect for insulating the tree against atmospheric agents and for protecting it against the hot sun. Similarly, materials inspired by wood to furnish the entire home, from the kitchen to the bedroom, replicate its innate characteristics and infuse vitality into the composition. There are many different colours to choose from, ranging from white wood effect kitchen doors to dark wood effect tops!

However, depending on the chosen hue, wood - especially in shades of brown - may appear shaded and even absorb part of the brightness in the room. That’s why combining wood with reflective materials, such as wood, are extremely effective in enhancing the natural beauty of wood and emphasising the grain, while lending light to the composition.

The MIA by Carlo Cracco kitchen offers clever combinations for a pale wood effect kitchen, accentuating the harmony of the composition with tinted glazing and lit from the inside with built-in LED lights. A sophisticated and functional cross-roads of pale and dark hues, lights and shadows, that leaves no detail to fate. After all, professional does not rhyme with boring!

With a delicacy and the gentle concealment of the interior, the Walk-in Wardrobe project on the other hand plays with shelves in bolder shades of wood and with glass doors, guarding garments and accessories with restful colours and prized finishes. For a sophisticated and intriguing style!

Wood & White

The wood and white combination proves extremely popular in minimalist interiors, where every element is perfectly in harmony with the others. In Qi compositions, the natural wood effect kitchen features impressive cabinets, countered by the gentle white top on the free-standing island in the middle. A pair of chairs and two tone-on-tone lamps hanging from the ceiling immediately give the setting a minimal look!

In the bathroom, wood embellishes an otherwise clean and anonymous setting. If you pick an extra-thick vanity counter that recalls wood with a natural finish, even the most basic furniture takes on prestige and a barely alluded contemporary touch. The Juno bathroom composition with Nordic Oak veneered top and Prestige White glossy lacquered furniture lends freshness to the relaxation area, becoming the hearth at times of enjoyable well-being.

Wood & Colour

Who said a modern wood effect kitchen can only be two-tone? With Diesel Social Kitchen, wooden elements frame bright colours and geometric shapes, with a focus on the free-standing elements from the Misfits collection. A social soul underscored by the graphic silhouettes of the chairs manufactured by Moroso, paying tribute to the coexistence of industrial and traditional furniture.

In this other composition, the reference to wood brings features borrowed from post-modern painting into the home. In the living room, wooden doors and unexpected colours decorate a wall with original combinations. The LiberaMente living room featuring Mustard Yellow glossy lacquered base units and plinth and Wheat Oak veneered wall units creates a mesmerising and bright show-stopping look. The wall panel in the same shade of yellow finishes off the composition, outlining the TV area.

In the bathroom, the Lagu model matches the intense and magnetic hues of the sea with faux-aged wood-colour open-fronted elements and azure blue and grey wall units. To welcome into your home, like an eagerly expected guest.

What feelings of wood can your home simply not do without? Discover your favourite combinations at Scavolini dealers!

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The feelings of wood on doors and tops