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Bathroom accessories for total everyday comfort

Bathroom accessories for total everyday comfort

How to make life easier with accessible solutions that provide everything you need to feel better and healthier, every day.

In the morning, when there’s only one bathroom for 2 or more people to share and you need to get ready quickly to get to school and work on time. In the evening, to freshen up at the end of a long day before going out for drinks or dinner, either out or at home. In short, for all those times the clock is ticking, but we still want to feel aided and pampered, we need a bathroom that’s been organised efficiently.

So take a look at the many possibilities at your disposal to complete your well-being boudoir par excellence with the right bathroom accessories for you, your family and your lifestyle.

All in!

Order and rational distribution in the extensive range of products we use every day do not come in just one form. They can come in a variety of forms, depending also on the type of bathroom. Bathroom accessories can be placed inside under basin cabinets. As you open the vanity unit easily, thanks to handle profiles which have been designed to offer impeccable ergonomics, you will find all your bathroom essentials, perfectly distributed, combining the pleasure of hygiene and aesthetics in the space of just a few centimetres. 

Dedicated lines are useful for matching cabinets with bathroom accessories and thus obtain an elegant total-look effect. The Onda collection is available in Anthracite and White and can therefore blend in with the colour “wave” of any existing vanity units and drawers. Provided everything is strictly within easy reach! 

Order on show

We cannot always put everything away in drawers or storage units. Sometimes, it is essential to have additional toiletry storage elements on which to place towels, soap and toothbrushes.  In this case, there are accessories which have been designed for this very purpose, which in “open” solutions blend in with absolute stylistic consistency with the characteristics of the bathroom.
One example is: the Give towel rail in Brass, Bronze and Steel, also in the free-standing version, which can be teamed with shelves in slim sheet steel in the same finishes, forming valuable storage tools for all needs. 

There are some people who like to leave everything they need on show for reasons of practicality, but also for their aesthetic impact: bottles, perfumes, and ornaments become part of the bathroom furniture, provided they are neat and tidy or that they have accessories to help us achieve this!
A truly refined and original way to do this is to use open-fronted containers which can be applied directly to the bathroom mirror, wherever you prefer. This line of accessories is called Magneto and with its soap dish, tumbler-holder and towel rails, it reflects all the advantages of having all the modern conveniences at hand in a super versatile fashion. 

Harmonious whole

For those who every day repeat a mantra to stay in shape in all circumstances, the bathroom can also become a place where physical exercise can be teamed with personal care. Gym Space becomes a distinguishing feature of the furnishing offerings. It can be used to affix bathroom accessories such as lights, hooks, shelves, storage elements and mirrors. With the full freedom of creating wellness corners heralding maximum comfort and the utmost freedom of customisation. 

Storing, stowing, showing: what are your needs? Find out how to furnish your room with bathroom accessories to make it attractive, functional and focused on full well-being!

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Bathroom accessories for total everyday comfort