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Equipped walls with or without wall cladding in the kitchen

Equipped walls with or without wall cladding in the kitchen

The designs and materials to choose for a custom-sized equipped kitchen wall. Professional-looking, with targeted functions or no wall cladding?

Every kitchen accommodates a specific style that is embraced in the choice of design and materials preferred for the room dedicated to fans of the culinary art. Knowing all about the wall-mounted solutions and the differences between methods and materials to organise your work space will make it versatile and perfectly fit for your own particular needs. Are you ready to find out about the different types of kitchen wall cladding that will change your kitchen?

Professional organisation

In the kitchen, aesthetics and functionality are indispensable ingredients which go hand in hand, a little like tomato sauce and mozzarella on a pizza! Both dimensions become the fulcrum of every choice in professional kitchens, including the kitchen wall cladding.

Various types of materials and organisation solutions are available for the equipped wall, from kitchen wall panels made from the same material as the doors or worktop, to construction materials installed on the wall like tiles, impermeable wallpaper or simply a layer of resin or a coat of stain-resistant paint.

Kitchen panels make for a clean-cut look and unrivalled ease of cleaning. The MIA by Carlo Cracco model offers a linear configuration with a full-length panel that helps manage the functions quickly and in an organised manner. The light matt Motley Quarz top runs along the full length of the kitchen wall, equipped with a practical accessory bar to be customised as you see fit.

With the new Formalia model, wall functionality becomes a distinguishing feature of the composition. The wall system with storage is supported by the same material as the top, also applicable to the entire work space. The chosen material is Ossido Nero Stoneware, with its intense, matt look that is a perfect match for the Rust colour of the Status Wall System.

Functionality concentrated

Focusing the wall cladding of a modern kitchen solely in the functional area entails knowing what may come in handy during those culinary art attack moments. This hybrid planning of space makes the furniture versatile and allows the entire family to enjoy the kitchen together. With Formalia, the kitchen wall cladding can also be focused only in the preparation area, making the cooking and washing areas airy and spacious.

If on the other hand you are accustomed to rolling out pastry dough by hand or to preparing large portions of food for subsequent freezing, a large area dedicated to food preparation located in a separate part of the kitchen, such as a convenient free-standing island, allows you to equip the cooking and washing area exclusively, leaving the food preparation area free of clutter.

This configuration of the Colony model features a modern kitchen wall cladding focused on the two washing and cooking areas. The wall cladding is placed mid-height and is made from tiles which frame the functional part. This solution is easy to clean and leaves room for a midway accessory bar for the two main areas.

No wall cladding

If the space available is limited or you simply do not want to use kitchen wall cladding panels, there are alternative solutions to choose from. With a neoclassical style, placing small shelves and utensil hooks is a fresh and minimal possibility that recalls Northern European kitchens, where the walls are often a display of unique items.

The Favilla composition with Prestige white lacquered doors and Old Natural laminate worktop has a traditional feel with its warm kitchen worktop materials and in the neutral hues of the doors. The wall cladding is not included here, but there is room for utensils that come in handy every day.

The Qi configuration is quite different, with a linear composition and tall units on the side. Here too, the kitchen wall cladding is missing, for a clean-cut, linear look. The base units are wall-mounted and in Kuuki Elm decorative melamine, a light choice that enhances the understated appeal of the kitchen, which is rendered more precious and basic by the hood built into the ceiling.


Which kitchen wall cladding solution suits you? Find out at Scavolini dealers!

For a stylish and sophisticated kitchen where the functions are focused in the peninsula, the wall cladding of this DeLinea composition makes way for open-fronted shelves in brass coloured sheet steel, fitted on the wall available and supported by industrial-look cables.

Equipped walls with or without wall cladding in the kitchen