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Suitable storage spaces

Suitable storage spaces

What is the most efficient way to capitalize on kitchen storage space?

By now almost all kitchen models can incorporate a wide variety of convenient storage containers into their structure thus brilliantly resolving all problems of storage and order. Among the most practical are the spacious drawers and pull-out baskets installed in base units or closets-- today the most convincing alternative to the traditional pantry. It might be to our advantage to follow some simple rules for arranging the various storage spaces, and to take a close look at which specialized storage containers are best for which purposes, subdividing them among those which are best suited for bulky objects, smaller utensils, and food.

Drawers, pull-out baskets and closets...

For bulky objects

Pots and pans are the bulkiest and heaviest kitchen accessories and getting them down from a high place can be difficult. The best thing is to keep them low down in the base units which are deeper than the wall units. Inside spacious and convenient pull-out baskets you can also store large or unusually shaped objects like serving trays, platters, cutting boards, tea kettles, etc.  The same solution can be applied under the sink for storing soap, detergents and sponges, and also for organizing material to be recylcled (see photo left). Each type of compartment can be internally divided with easy to clean removable modular steel cage dividers. The closets too can be used in this way, storing pots and pans in the lower sections.

For lighter objects and food

The upper sections of the closets, like the lower sections of the wall units above the sink and cooking area, are good for housing lighter, frequently used objects, like plates, glasses, and jars for sugar, coffee, salt or spices.
And right beside them, you can store your food. In both cases it would be best to choose non-transparent cabinet doors, because some of these objects are best stored away from direct light.

The smallest utensils

It might seem that it would be easier to store small objects. A perfect solution is to store small objects in drawers equipped with custom designed trays with suitable compartments. That way, instead of filling up your counter top with knife holders and various containers, each object can have it's own tailor made place: knives are best stored in wooden containers so that they don't bang around and scratch each other. Next to these (or below, in another drawer) you can store big cooking spoons and tools, utensils for making sweets and so on, all lined up and orderly, visible and not piled up on one another.
Suitable storage spaces