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The ideal kitchen worktop height

The ideal kitchen worktop height

The perfect kitchen worktop: how to make it ergonomic and size it to your needs!

Measuring the height of the kitchen worktop isn’t always at the top of our to-do list when we’re planning our home, although it is important to give it some thought. Depending on the preferences of those who will be spending time and dedicating their creative skills to putting together some hand-made tasty titbits, a welcoming and ergonomic space that will keep back-ache and poor posture at bay is in fact possible. Let’s take a look at some advice to take for a truly custom-sized compositions!

Ergonomics and taste

Assessing the height of your worktop means being aware of your preferences and desired comfort levels when you come to use it to prepare recipes and spend sociable time in the kitchen. Finding a height that is suitable and applicable to everyone is no easy feat, because your height and habits play a vital and highly personal role in determining your standard.

In addition to individual tastes and height, what should you take into consideration to find the ideal kitchen worktop height?

The components that contribute to the end result - the worktop - are multiple: from the plinth to the top thickness, and even the characteristics of the cabinet structure used for the base units underneath it. The centimetres occupied by each of these parts should be considered and added up to identify the final height of the kitchen.

The perfect height

Once you have taken into consideration all the elements that contribute towards defining the worktop height, let the fun begin!

The physical characteristics of the kitchen users and those of its cabinets certainly affect one another. As far as Scavolini kitchens are concerned, the maximum height that can be reached for the worktop is 94-95 cm, which is usually what taller people order.

When the user requires a more compact size, the height can be considerably reduced. For instance, by selecting a height of 84.2 cm: 7 cm for the plinth, 76 cm for the base unit cabinet and at least 1.2 cm for the worktop, considering the doors and drawers are opened with a handle or recessed grip profile. The kitchen will prove less bulky and anyone can try their hand in this custom-sized kitchen!

Within these two polar extremes, there are a host of variants to mix and match to suit your individual taste. Scavolini kitchens can be fitted with a plinth measuring 7 cm, 10 cm or 15 cm. The cabinet structure used for the base units can measure 73 cm, 76 cm or 80 cm and kitchen tops start at a thickness of 1.2 cm all the way up to 6 cm. The possibilities are endless!

Chain reaction

Deciding on the height of your completed kitchen is vital for your health and proper posture. Ideally, it would be better to reach the worktop conveniently while keeping your shoulders relaxed, without contracting any muscles. During the various phases, you must be in a position to lay your feet flat on the floor and your back must remain straight to retain the correct and comfortable posture.

However, the height of the kitchen is not just important to work with the right posture. Depending on the size of the base units, the height of the wall units should also be adjusted to make the composition functional: the higher the worktop, the greater the distance between the wall units and the floor.

Last but not least, having a clear idea of the final size of the kitchen also allows you to establish the position of the gas connections, the water pipes and the electrical outlets, in order to give rise to a truly custom-sized home system!



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The ideal kitchen worktop height