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Colour and warmth in the autumn living room

Colour and warmth in the autumn living room

The varying shades of the colours of the earth clad your living room with intensity and elegance.

Autumn is here, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are gradually dropping, and you can hear the sound of raindrops on the roofs, roads and window panes, recreating that enjoyable soundtrack to the passing of time.

This time of the year, our home goes back to being our comfort zone and the living room perfectly embodies what a cosy and welcoming space means to us. A place designed with impeccable attention to detail, to offer the utmost levels of relaxation, capable of pampering us and giving us the feeling of living in a place which is a manifestation of our deepest desires and our particular tastes.

What could be more precious?

L’autunno ha più oro in tasca rispetto a tutte le altre stagioni (Jim Bishop)

Autumn months are unique, like the colours it creates, from brighter, golden hues to darker, deeper shades. Brown embraces a wide range of shades which characterise autumn, since it comprises a mixture of three primary colours: yellow, red and blue.

It is a colour that recalls the soil and nature as it manifests its changes on trees and leaves, but also a cup of hot chocolate savoured while nestled on your sofa.

A versatile colour that is easy to use in furniture and therefore also in the living area, because it matches more neutral nuances perfectly, in the same shade of colour or in contrast with brighter hues such as orange. However, its fantastic charm is equally appealing in the total colour choice. Such as in these models, where it plays the starring role.

A warm and intense living room, just like a cup of coffee

Resuming a new, slower pace is easy in a home where the colour of the living room is dominated by earthy tones brought together with skill, suggesting calm and tranquillity, making their surroundings simple yet elegant. The Coffee Oak veneered back panel of the “Fluida” Wall System, part of the LiberaMente Living project, adds the warmth of wood to the brown shade. This makes the perfect backdrop to the paler and more neutral Delhi Clay sliding fronts, produced in the innovative Biomalta material, an ecological and eco-compatible resin with a compact and textured pattern. Minimal aesthetics and a metropolitan flair for this particular composition. An extra touch? The Show LED light underneath the shelves adds volume to the whole and creates mesmerising games of lights and shadows.

Less uniform, with an oxidised effect to accentuate the industrial soul of the living room, is the Oxide Bronze finish which together with the Iron Grey matt lacquered open-fronted elements plays the starring role of the “Metro” Wall System in this other LiberaMente composition.

Now, are you ready to warm up those chilly autumn days? It’s as easy as drinking a cup of coffee!

Slow living, living according to nature’s pace

Combinations of textures and colours lead to geometric shapes which draw their inspiration from nature, replicating its symmetry and equilibrium. This is also slow living, enjoying the season according to the slow pace of time passing, letting a living room designed to embrace us with sophisticated minimalism pamper us.

A concept which takes on a concrete form in compositions made with the “Fluida” Wall System that in the Mood model looks like a regular sequence in the shape and silhouettes of the visible elements produced in the delicate shade of Seagull Grey, which surrounds closed compartments with Steady Walnut doors, creating an extremely chic colour contrast. A sophisticated look that satisfies all.

Classic but not over the top

Knowing how to match colours is an art form, both when it comes to combining colours that are part of the same palette , and when using contrasting colours. If we compare this to the world of haute couture, individual pieces of furniture in a living room can coexist in the same room and be paired like items of clothing, depending on the desired look. The changing of the seasons is also about having fun playing with shades of colour to put together a classy setting.
Brown together with grey and with a range of paler, neutral hues adds brightness and a profound sense of harmony; when combined with brighter hues it reveals a bolder personality, to lighten the mood with a touch of reason.

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Colour and warmth in the autumn living room