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Special bathroom furniture

Special bathroom furniture

Essential bathroom cabinets, with an added (stylish) bonus

The first thing to do when you want to freshen up the appearance of your bathroom is to focus your efforts on the choice of furniture which, when designed with painstaking care for details, can truly put a capital D in your décor, making it highly original. Prepare to be won over by the sleek silhouettes of these bathroom cabinets!

Cool washbasin cabinets

Since we’re talking about bathroom furniture, one must-have item to add to the list is the washbasin cabinet, in other words a cabinet consisting of an upper part which accommodates the washbasin, essential to personal hygiene, and a lower part which generally features drawers or doors, where you store your toiletries. Let’s get straight to the fun part of furnishing your home: which models with a built-in washbasin are the most eye catching? We’d like to reveal an option that will definitely not go unnoticed: the Misfits bathroom collection.


The composition blocks and the various materials turn the bathroom into a hybrid space thanks to the elements borrowed from the kitchen. In detail, two types of offering have been restyled for the bathroom environment in order to accommodate the washbasin: the Misfit CART and Misfit CHEST monoblocs that mimic the shapes of the trolley and of the cupboard, respectively.  

Which of the two do you prefer? Compact and spacious, these cabinets will add plenty of convenience and style to your bathroom.

Space-saving bathroom wall units and tall units and style

Another popular item of bathroom furniture is the tall unit, which allows you to make the most of the height of your bathroom and optimise the space, whatever size it may be. Specifically due to its indispensable nature, the tall unit should be unique and boast a show-stopping style, capable of turning your beauty boudoir into a special haven for your daily pampering routine. With the wall-mounted cabinet with matt slat door and internal glass shelves from the Aquo collection, you will be left in no doubt: your bathroom interiors will be even more magical and stylish.

However, this isn’t the only cabinet that can create this effect: what do you make of the sophisticated wall unit with aluminium frame and clear Stopsol glass door? This wall-mounted bathroom cabinet meets the needs of even the most demanding designers, offering several internal compartments to store your towels, cosmetics and other toiletries.

Bathroom containers that add that finishing touch

Other valid allies in organising your bathroom include our storage units, for you to store your detergents, perfumes, towels and other bathroom essentials without having to forgo style. When it comes to style, you’ll find plenty of it in the Status System from the Formalia model, which is distinguished by open shelves and pull-out sit-on trays, which can also be used independently to keep your day/night cream at hand at all times. How could you not appreciate its originality?

Special bathroom furniture