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Various kitchen islands

Various kitchen islands

A kitchen with an island: find out the various types of islands that will revolutionise your space

If you are a fan of cooking or simply enjoy spending time in the living area, you need to be able to rely on a beautiful, functional and well-organised space. What could be more trendy and versatile than a kitchen with an island? In this article, we’ll explore some of the most interesting kitchen island types, which we are certain will revolutionise the way you cook and socialise in the kitchen.

Island with central counter: the heart of the kitchen

Are you always surrounded by family and friends? Then you have to use the island as a counter to accommodate them and entertain them: sitting on comfortable stools, your guests will be able to enjoy your company even while you’re busy giving your recipes the finishing touch.

Obviously, the counter will come in handy also for breakfast or a quick lunch before you rush off to work: even if you’re always in a hurry, thanks to the open shelves or drawers arranged in the base unit, getting your hands on a table mat, plates and cups will be child’s play.

Island with a hob: express your passion for cooking

Are you an experienced chef? If gourmet recipes are your forte, an island with a hob is just what you need. This model combines a generously-sized work surface with an induction hob or gas burners: imagine all the dishes you’ll be able to prepare while avoiding roaming around the kitchen in search of a free corner to chop and cook your ingredients.


But that’s not all: in addition to simplifying management, this type of island also adds a touch of style and modernity to its surroundings: have a look.

Multi-functional island: there’s room for all needs

If to you the kitchen is also a place to work and study, a multi-functional island could be just for you. Indeed, this model encompasses multiple elements in a single solution: from the area to wash vegetables to the hob to sauté them, from storage spaces to stow your crockery and books to the counter to snack on while you’re on the computer.

Did you know that to emphasise the various functions of the kitchen composition, many islands, like the one in the Mood model, feature different top heights? The setting is all the more dynamic for it, offering an extensive variety of modules to adapt to your needs and allow you to optimise the available floor space.

Visit one of our dealers to identify the type of island that best suits your lifestyle.
Various kitchen islands