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Your welcoming home, centred on well-being

Your welcoming home, centred on well-being

How to feel welcome in a home where you can feel good, for the perfect comfort zone.

Coming home to a cosy and familiar space, with warm and comfortable furniture, immediately makes us feel relaxed and pampered. Tips for a welcoming home where you can feel regenerated are delightful gems with a common denominator: thinking of every room as a personal comfort zone where you can recharge your batteries. Here are some ideas you can copy!

Functionality that makes life simpler

Understanding how to make your home relaxing and welcoming is easy: you simply need to know what the essential elements are to feel good in your home, and try to find the styling and functional solutions which turn the place you live in into that unique space you want to call home!

Is hiding household “tools” away from view a must-have you simply can’t do without? If that’s the case, multi-functional furniture and cabinets with plenty of storage space are a must. One way to harmonise the bathroom with the laundry area are the convertible solutions of Laundry Space, which conceal surprises both large and small.

One example is the revolving ironing board, which hides away under the top: with an assisted mechanism, the ironing board swivels and becomes a must-have ready-to-use support. In large settings, Laundry Space allows you to organise your laundry as you see fit, thanks to the “Around” revolving wall, on which you can hang clothing, arrange small objects and mirrors by exploiting both sides of the wall.

The laundry area becomes a welcoming well-being venue even when a dedicated room is not a possibility. Box Life helps you make room for your washing machine and drier inside large cabinets with clean-cut silhouettes: versatile furniture to be positioned along the corridor, or wherever you prefer!

Let’s meditate on it!

When it comes to looking after our inner selves and nurturing our soul, is meditation an ingredient you simply can’t do without? If that’s the case, then opt for a warm and welcoming living room, with a restful atmosphere, soft lights and dedicated surfaces on which to take time to gather your thoughts in silence or read a good book. One solution that will truly make a difference is the choice of rug for the sitting room, which comes in handy when it’s time to unwind and relax, as well as to make the room appear soft and enveloping. A rug placed in front of the sofa will make the room an enjoyable and relaxing place for the home’s inhabitants and their guests.

Space for well-being

The feeling of enjoyable calm is not just limited to the sitting room or large spaces. Indeed, the end of a training session can also be relaxing, as can some serious pampering. That’s why it’s important to set aside an area of your home to exercise in. Gym Space is designed to create a genuine gym space inside your bathroom, exploiting typical training elements, to turn them into multi-purpose furniture. You won’t need to have a corner dedicated to fitness with the practical Gymnastics Wall Bars which accommodate small bathroom essentials and gym equipment in one place. This way, after your fitness session is over, a shower or hot bath will be at hand for some well-earned rest and recuperation!

Well-being for two

Does feeling good at home mean having a welcoming kitchen where you can all eat together? Sharing is a powerful feel-good factor, and what better solution to create a romantic atmosphere at home than a cosy meal for two? However, if there isn’t enough room, then use your creativity and a touch of your imagination, experimenting with unexpected solutions such as the Diagonal pull-out top from the LiberaMente model, capable of creating a practical corner to celebrate lunches and fine dinners for Valentine’s Day or other special occasions. As its name suggests, this additional top slides out diagonally to the worktop and, once used, can be stowed away on the top.

What are your must-have essentials to make your home welcoming and to look after yourself? Discover plenty of ideas at Scavolini dealers!

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Your welcoming home, centred on well-being