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Modern like wood

Wood doesn't necessarily mean classic...

It's an extremely adaptable material which can become the conveyance of the most up to date and sophisticated style. Recently the most fashionable kitchens are using it, usually combined with simple lines that enhance this more and more particular material.

Now warm tones, honey coloured wood with a marked and regular grain are very popular but also dark or gray. Many kitchens incorporate Oak wood, with their striking vertical and horizontal grains that produce a refined natural decor when matched with flat cabinets. To respect the environment, you can choose to adopt a composite of other materials capable of reproducing the aesthetic characteristics of rare woods.

Woods like these become spectacular when matched with certain materials and colours, technological accessories and appliances. One thus obtains a contrasting-surfaces effect, that can be appreciated through the sense of touch as well as with the eyes.

Glossy surfaces like lacquer or glass can create a pleasing contrast with wood. In the first case it's best to use neutral colours, like black or white, so as not to compete with the beautiful pattern of the wood grain. That holds true for glass as well with the addition that glass can also be a valid means for illuminating a composition, above all if you have any doubts that the room gets enough light.

Next to warm tones, dark coloured woods like oak or larch are also very sought after. Dark woods "fill" the room up more and are particularly suitable for modern areas which open onto the living room. With these woods, the clean lines increase the feeling of soberness. These are all very fashionable proposals but they are destined to endure through time.

It is a contemporary-classic style that will never go out of fashion.

Another very modern composition would be to use the same wood in different tones. For example, a light oak cabinet area can laterally frame a row of dark oak base units.

Once again, it is very effective to combine this with lustrous glass, aluminium and steel (for details, inset handles, appliances and work surfaces).