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Learn To Clean The Hob

Learn To Clean The Hob

Some hints for effective cleaning in the kitchen

How many times have you been unable to get rid of all the stains from the stove?
And how many times was the top still dull and had ring stains even after cleaning?
To effectively clean a hob you need the right products and helpful advice.
Here's how!

Remember to avoid products that contain chlorine and to always dry surfaces thoroughly:</h2><h3> if steel stays in contact with water for prolonged periods it can rust.

How to make steel shine


If you have a steel hob, the first thing to know is that you must not use any kind of abrasive, washing powder or steel wool.
Remember to also avoid products that contain chlorine and to always dry surfaces thoroughly: if steel stays in contact with water for prolonged periods it can rust. We similarly advise against using products that contain chlorine (bleach or hydrochloric acid) because they may stain and rust the surface irreparably.
To keep the surface in tip top condition, always clean after each use with a wet sponge and some soap and water or mild detergent.
How? Wipe the surface in the direction of the satin finish and be sure to give it a good rinse afterwards. For particularly tough oil and grease stains, try using alcohol-based products or other solvents, like acetone.
To avoid making the stain bigger, apply a few drops of the product directly onto the area to be treated (to loosen it) and then wipe with a clean and non-abrasive cloth.

Enamel or glass tops:a sponge and a mild detergent!


If your top is ceramic glass you can also use detergents suitable used to clean windows.
If it is tempered glass though it is better to use a sponge and water.
In this case too it is best not to use abrasive detergents or sharp objects.
To remove dried-on stains use the special scraper (sold by good retailers) and never steel utensils or cutlery.
Stains from sugary foods, like jam, should be cleaned immediately to stop them hardening on the top.
Enamel hobs can be cleaned with just a sponge and some washing-up liquid.

Grill pans, burners and flame spreaders


Cast iron grills can be cleaned with a non-abrasive sponge and soap and a careful drying. Don’t’ put straight into the dishwasher.

Also steel grill pans should not go in the dishwasher because they should not be left wet for long periods.
Simple soap is perfect.

Burners can be cleaned with a mild detergent or dedicated burner cleaning product.
The holes of the flame spreaders should be freed of crusts with a toothpick or left to soak in warm water.
You may want to add a special product for cleaning burners and flame spreaders in the water.
After washing you must dry them thoroughly, because they must be completely dry to work.
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Learn To Clean The Hob