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Favilla, the shabby chic kitchen!

Favilla, the shabby chic kitchen!

Industrial appeal, country atmosphere, international style or traditional taste...

The Favilla kitchen thus offers an unprecedented linearity which will never go out of fashion, to create a place that is simply elegant and functional.

Industrial chic details

Industry-inspired warm hues, elements with strong carachter - perfectly matched - lend a minimal style:

 - the new Favilla cooking block in cast iron effect matt lacquer which, together with its matching hood, delineates a beguiling operating station, to match the Old Natural laminate worktop

- unprecedented aged bronze effect cup handles

- a new cupboard with a rounded top profile

- the Tabula workshop-style console table

- practical shelves which match the delightful shelf brackets

- a monobloc in travertine marble equipped with a shaped chopping board which is teamed with retro style taps.

Natural Elegance

Favilla reinterprets the country chic style through strikingly simple yet stylish features, which are also perfect for a city home.

A natural, timeless style that is never over the top with details that lend the kitchen a personal touch. 

The natural balance in the kitchen is given by the combination of the neutral Dove Grey matt lacquer with the warmth of Nodato Oak wood, the inclusion of glass doors that make this kitchen nice and bright, the hand-crafted look of the breakfast counter...all these elements were designed to create a warm familiar feeling.

Elemental Appeal

Elemental appeal adorns space with pleasure

Plenty of light, linear and geometric shapes to pursue pure aesthetic styling, enhance the value of the kitchen as an enjoyable space in metropolitan home furnishings and convey a sense of practicality and functionality.

The combination of high technology, plenty of storage space and the use of modern high-tech materials make it possible to guarantee a beguiling balance and order and turn the kitchen into a highly organised and comfortable place.

With Favilla you can rediscover past values without foregoing functionality and contemporary comfort: the traditional simplicity of old-world kitchens distinguishes this Favilla composition where the dresser block embodies all the pleasure of the domestic hearth. It is an indispensable storage unit, embellished by glass wall units, base units, spacious pull-out drawers and a matching pastry board.

Design & Stil
Favilla, the shabby chic kitchen!