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Outdoor kitchen: Formalia Outdoor

Outdoor kitchen: Formalia Outdoor

Prepare for the warmer weather by customising your exteriors

Does your home have an outdoor space where you like to welcome friends and cultivate your passion for gardening? To turn it into a welcoming venue, every detail needs to be thoroughly planned: eyes trained on Formalia Outdoor, our outdoor kitchen designed with a focus on smart tech to enjoy sociability al fresco and adapt to a host of different circumstances. Let’s find out more about the collection together!

Scavolini also furnishes outdoors

Indeed, our impeccable craftsmanship combined with the unwavering pursuit of quality products have encouraged us to take on a new challenge, namely outdoor furniture: what’s the result? We have created a new collection, Formalia Outdoor, which makes use of a selection of specific new materials suitable for outdoor use, that are attractive and technologically innovative. So what makes our outdoor collection so special?

An extra room

In addition to flowers and decorations, furniture is essential to making your outdoor space both comfortable and functional. Formalia Outdoor interprets your needs for space in the best possible way, offering modularity which comprises a generous 19 elements which can be combined with latest-generation appliances, which will enable you to either create a set in keeping with your interior décor style or revolutionise the mood in your home.

Materials and finishes

When coining Formalia Outdoor, designed by Vittore Niolu, a great deal of attention was also given to the choice of materials and finishes: from the equipment for the steel barbecue to the veneered larder, every detail delivers superior performance levels while expressing the elegance of sophisticated design, strictly made in Italy.

Whether you’re the barbecue expert or more of a potato salad connoisseur, you’ll be able to rely on the accessories from the Formalia Outdoor kitchen to have everything within easy reach and surprise your guests with fantastic al fresco dinners!

Design & Stil
Outdoor kitchen: Formalia Outdoor