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Say goodbye to neglected living room corners! With the solutions to a variety of problems, perfection embraces unexpected geometries.

Whether it is because the light in there has to inspire calm and silence, or because an entire room dedicated to relaxation is unavailable, living room furniture can sometimes be relegated to a separate area of the home or require an unusual use of geometries. Whatever your needs may be, let’s find out how to furnish a corner of your lounge with equipped walls and elements of majestic elegance.

Alcoves and corner walls

The space dedicated to relaxation knows no limits or restraints: lounge furniture is free to incorporate unprecedented solutions into its surroundings, according to the style in the remainder of the home, or introducing a brand new one instead. The modular Foodshelf Living room solutions play with a multi-coloured range of wood effect shelves in Natura Ash colour, which blends together communicating rooms thanks to the soft colour references. The composition contributes to joining the kitchen with the living room, in a passage that accentuates the brightness of both settings. The decision to create a corner of the lounge by mainly developing the TV wall allows you to let the relaxation area “breathe” and make it more airy.


When architectural features get in the way, such as pillars and partitions, every available metre can be used to cut out a “corner” of the lounge, making the most of any recesses, free space between two pillars or even an alcove under a window. The Dandy Plus Living room reveals how to furnish a corner of your lounge choosing a simple yet striking and stylish look. To be placed in a separate part of the room or in the middle of the wall, these solutions are designed to give rise to original compositions. With matt lacquered doors, Slate Black coloured handle and undertop profile in a silver hue, the monochrome monobloc proposal is perfect with its minimal appearance. High-impact living room furniture!

Impressive elegance

If you’re looking for solutions on how to furnish a corner of your lounge not placed along two walls, but rather in a specific area of the home - whether large or small, then the ideal living room furniture solutions are dressers, cupboards and free-standing elements. This type of lounge furniture solution is a cut above the rest since it can be positioned in isolated settings and/or passageways. Sometimes, these solutions can even be moved to another area according to need and personal taste. The Exclusiva Living room composition with Mink glossy lacquered finish features a 6 cm thick Emperador marble top that mirrors the choices made for the kitchen. The Neo-classical effect is further enriched thanks to the chrome-finish handles, which add a touch of brightness to the entire composition. For a large entrance hall, a spacious passageway between the kitchen and the lounge or a huge single wall!


The atmosphere created by the Formalia model living room furniture is altogether different, making a free wall fully functional. The Status system with black structure, smoked glass and aluminium frame door, becomes not just a decorative element but also houses small ornaments or even a few house plants. Thanks to the use of glass, an ever-trendy partially “see-through” effect is achieved. What an excellent way to extend the relaxation area with majestically elegant selections!

Diversa è l’atmosfera che l’arredamento living modello Formalia propone per rendere funzionale una parete libera. Il sistema Status con struttura nera, anta telaio in alluminio e vetro fumé diventa un elemento decorativo, ma non solo, che accoglie piccoli oggetti o piante adatte agli interni. Grazie al vetro, si crea un gioco di vedo-non-vedo dal gusto sempre attuale. Un modo eccellente per ampliare la zona relax con scelte di maestosa eleganza!

How to exploit a “concave” corner

Looking at the living room from all sides also means knowing how to optimise its most unusual parts, such as a concave corner, one that is “inside out” to be specific. But the question here is how to furnish a corner of your lounge which is concave and on the side of the room?


The composition solutions of the Mood Living room exploit the Fluida wall system for custom-sized lounge furniture that optimises every single centimetre, both height- and length-wise. This offering with Steady walnut coloured doors and Mink matt lacquered wall and base units recalls the remainder of the room, creating continuity between the living room and the kitchen. The slanted door is truly unique, emphasised all the more in this alternation of sheet metal and storage elements.


Which projects on how to furnish a corner of your lounge would you like to implement in your home? Browse the entire Scavolini living room offering at authorised dealers!

Which projects on how to furnish a corner of your lounge would you like to implement in your home? Browse the entire Scavolini living room offering at authorised dealers!