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Coffee corner at home

Coffee corner at home

Plenty of little ideas to create your own home café corner

Good morning coffee? If you’re among the many whose first thought in the morning goes to making a cup of coffee, then you need to create coffee corner worthy of any café, to savour your first cup in the morning or serve your guests a frothy cappuccino. This article provides some tips on how to identify the best place in your home to set one up.

On the kitchen worktop

The kitchen is one of the most frequented rooms of the home, specifically where we often enjoy a fresh blend straight after lunch. One of the first steps to organise just the right setting is certainly the choice of a quality machine: from percolators to cafetières and espresso machines, first pick the model that suits your needs and arrange it on your kitchen worktop, next to the pot of pods or fresh ground coffee, the sugar pot and your set of coffee cups.

Keep this in mind: if your worktop is marble, granite or quartz, the luxury café look is guaranteed!

On top of a cabinet

In the bookcase

It might sound odd to you, but have you ever thought of setting up your coffee machine on a shelf in your bookcase? Although they are basically designed to accommodate books, shelving units are actually quite versatile items of furniture and can easily be used to accommodate your super-accessorised coffee corner: lay out all you need to make an espresso, designer magazines and various light fittings to enjoy your coffee break to the full.

Can you think of any other spots in your home that would make a great coffee corner? Furnish them together with our dealers!

Coffee corner at home