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Furnishing a small home with a modern style

Furnishing a small home with a modern style

How to furnish a modern mini apartment

Have you moved into a small city home and want to renovate it? Are you refurbishing a studio apartment and want to give it a contemporary look? Then you’re in the right place: you’ll find some useful tips below on how to decorate your home with a modern style even if it’s compact in size.

A modern touch

Underpinned by minimalist design and clean-cut silhouettes, modern style constitutes the ideal solution for furnishing small homes, where the number one rule is minimal clutter. The trend also involves favouring pale shades, such as white and pearl grey, since they help reflect the light and make the space appear bigger. Once you’ve combined the two suggestions, which items of furniture should you pick for your mini apartment? Here are some space-saving ideas for the various rooms of a small home.

Kitchen and living room

Especially on-trend and multifunctional, the kitchen with an island on the one hand provides storage for pots and ingredients while on the other acting as a table to eat meals alone or with company.


What if the kitchen and living room are in the same space? Maintain chromatic consistency in your choice of essential furniture for both settings, planning a sofa and a storage pouf: they prove to be excellent allies for keeping things neat and tidy.

The bedroom

The bedroom is especially tricky and troublesome: how do you set up a sleeping area in a studio apartment or two-room apartment? You just need a little imagination and the multifunctional furniture from project BoxLife: what do you make of this special door that turns into a comfortable bed when needed? If you’re sharing an apartment with someone, you could even pick bunk beds with a foldaway ladder.

BoxLife structures can certainly be adapted to suit various situations, converting and hiding away as needed in a place where you can cook, work, do laundry or change your outfit.


Were you forgetting about your relaxation boudoir? If your bathroom is small, then the priorities are functionality and comfort. Our advice is to opt for a single washbasin cabinet, which offers several shelves and drawers underneath to organise your towels, cosmetics and skincare products. Not enough storage space? Make more storage space by putting up shelves or supports on the wall, or use magnetic accessories attached to the mirror: they can house all your accessories and add character to the room.

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Furnishing a small home with a modern style