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How to use and furnish an extra room

How to use and furnish an extra room

How to transform provisional solutions into functional spaces: 3 ideas for an extra room

Each room has its own role and style, but what happens when you find yourself with an extra room? If you hadn’t considered a living space during the design stage, now is the time to find out which function it could fulfil: in this article we have chosen 3 ideas on how to furnish an empty room and make use of every corner of the house!

Walk-In Fluida project

Are you a fashion addict and is shopping your best therapy? Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in wardrobe comes to your home with the Walk-In Fluida project, Scavolini wardrobe solutions designed by Vuesse that can be fully customised to fit the size of the empty room.


In fact, depending on the square metres available, you can choose linear compositions, corner compositions, with visible modules or free-standing solutions, equipped with every accessory and comfort you need to arrange your clothes and simplify outfit changes.

Laundry space

Using the extra space to create a laundry corner is definitely the ideal choice to move around freely while washing and ironing clothes. The worktops, pull-out trolleys and storage units in the Laundry Space project, in collaboration with architect Idelfonso Colombo, thus become your best allies for organising appliances and neatly storing detergents, brooms and other household cleaning items, which would otherwise be crammed into the broom cupboard.


Not to mention the other accessories in the solution, such as the “concealed” drying rack, the pull-out ironing board and the towers with push-pull opening system, which facilitate everyday actions and fit perfectly into the laundry area.

Bathroom gym

If you don’t particularly like the typical gym environment, are concerned about being consistent or if you don’t have either the time or the inclination to book fitness classes or the weights room, setting up a home gym could be the solution to engaging in some healthy sport.


It is due to these requirements that, together with designer Mattia Pareschi, we have recreated a bathroom with fitness corners containing useful keep-fit equipment: which ones?


We are talking about the Gym Space project, which revolves around the reinterpretation of the Gymnastics Wall Bars and which can be used as a base to attach equipment such as a bench, and to fix bathroom accessories such as a mirror and shelves.


So how about customising the extra room with a wall-mounted frame dedicated to physical exercise? You can choose different compositions from the Aquo, Idro, Rivo and Juno bathroom collections.

How to use and furnish an extra room