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Modern wall paneling and equipped wall panels in the kitchen

Modern wall paneling and equipped wall panels in the kitchen

Kitchen utensils and accessories within easy reach, to stimulate creativity and extend the setting.

When inspiration strikes, bringing to mind flavors, colors and tastes, it does so all of a sudden, and your taste buds already start to salivate in anticipation. So what are the must-haves for this inspiration to turn into a success? Your trusted utensils, herbs and spices, which are indispensable to prepare every culinary masterpiece. Contemporary design puts them on display, so that you can reach them in one easy move.

Thanks to modern wall paneling and equipped wall panels placed behind your workspace, an open plan kitchen (even if it is small) exploits the vertical space to make more room. Let’s look at the many opportunities offered by modern kitchen wall paneling and magnetic equipped wall panels in the kitchen in more detail!

Modern wall paneling in the kitchen: when technology embraces tradition

While the term wall paneling may bring to mind 19th Century drawing rooms, like those featured in Downtown Abbey, it is with this century’s technologies that the term takes on an all-new meaning. As a matter of fact, contemporary-style kitchen wall paneling elements are not only decorative, but they are genuine design allies devised to exploit the vertical space and transform a modern open-plan kitchen into a highly efficient professional area.


Thanks to dedicated runners in which shelves and hooks are inserted, the Line System in “MIA by Carlo Cracco” is placed on the wall behind the workspace, to accommodate bottle racks, multi-purpose hooks, storage shelves, containers and other accessories to make your tasks in the kitchen easier. No more cold plates and prolonged periods of isolation slaving away at the cooker: sociability while cooking is now a shared experience!

The attractive magnetism of equipped wall panels

In a modern kitchen with wall paneling or featuring a minimal design, speedy use and cleaning are two highly sought-after fascinating features in the perfect wall panel. If the elegance of glass is then also teamed with the practicality of a magnetic surface, the modern open-plan kitchen turns into a personal culinary “art studio”.

In this room, everything needs to be within easy reach at all times: whether these are ladles or spoons, a wall-mounted spice rack or a practical kitchen roll holder, the Orizzonte wall panel in illuminated magnetic glass from the “Carattere” model allows you to position Magneto steel accessories easily all along the equipped wall panel. Great for confined spaces!

An equipped wall panel defines space

In Sax artisan-inspired compositions and in those with a more contemporary feel, which is the case of Mood kitchen environments, the functions of the workspace take on definition thanks to the minimal silhouettes of the Setup wall system, capable of combining diverse and complementary materials.
The evergreen charm of the anthracite color aluminum profile blends in with any style and can be positioned across the entire wall of the classic or modern open-plan kitchen, or it can frame one or more workspaces, depending on individual spatial requirements and on the way the setting is organized.

A “system” that focuses sight on accessories and utensils, which become part of the composition as both decorative and functional elements. This way, everything is within easy reach when it’s time to put your culinary ideas into practice!

Modern wall paneling or equipped wall panel: which solution do your prefer for your culinary creativity? Find out more at Scavolini dealers!

Modern wall paneling and equipped wall panels in the kitchen