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Let colours inspire you in the bathroom

Let colours inspire you in the bathroom

With the right colour, your bathroom could be transformed into a designer space

The most popular colours used in bathroom furnishings are shades of blue and green, as they are relaxing colours resembling those of water. However, a choice of brighter colours such as yellow, orange, red or darker shades such as black or grey are also effective. Irrespective of your own personal taste - which will doubtless affect your choice of bathroom cabinet colour - you should know that the colour you choose could affect your mood, and thus convey particular feelings or emotions... so beware of the colour palette you pick for your new bathroom, for both the cabinets and the tiling!

To customise your bathroom, let your imagination run riot by choosing a colour or colours that best suit your personality because there is nothing better than colour to make your bathroom cheerful, youthful, and unique at first glance!

When deciding which bathroom furnishings and most of all which colours to choose, you need to keep in mind the size of the room: in tight spaces, it is not a good idea to pick darker shades or colours with a strong visual impact to avoid the room appearing even smaller but, if those are the colours that best suit you, you can contrast the effect by using mirrors to make the room appear bigger or pale colours on the floor and/or wall tiles, for instance.

Below are some examples of coloured bathroom cabinets from our range of bathroom furnishings.

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Let colours inspire you in the bathroom