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White and wood kitchen

White and wood kitchen

Which style to choose for a white and wood-coloured kitchen

Mixing contrasting colours, materials and finishes proves to be one of the main trends in modern interior design, and beyond. In this article, we’d like to show you how a white and wood-coloured kitchen can embrace both a contemporary spirit and a classic-chic feel! Let’s review some Scavolini kitchen models together.

Balance of colours and volumes

Having a white kitchen brightens up the home and gives the illusion of more space, while proving easy to clean as well as versatile, meaning it can be combined with many different materials. Just how dazzling is a white kitchen teamed with wood effect? If you decide that’s exactly what you want to go for, then you have several options to choose from, for instance a veneered finish.


That’s the case of the Evolution linear composition, which features a kitchen cabinet structure in white teamed with oak decorative melamine doors: the wood effect finish creates warm textured sensations which are cross-contaminated by the utterly clean-cut and linear details of the model, such as the recessed grip profiles, which allow you to open doors and drawers conveniently without a handle. Another twist of modern appeal is provided by the metal open-fronted wall units which strike the perfect colour balance together with the white plinths and table.

Shades with a welcoming soul

There is no doubt about it: the combination of a linear design dominated by white surfaces with wood ensures the creation of a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. What do you make of the ash wood cupboard in the Baltimora kitchen? The blend of tall units, baskets and midway unit accessories is the perfect choice for this kitchen, offering plenty of space to stow your cookware set or your pantry items. If you love tradition, this white and wood composition is just the right fit for a classic and romantic look.

Bright and spacious

If you have plenty of space available, the furnishing possibilities of a white and wood kitchen are practically endless: once again, it all depends on the specific style you want to give your home. Perfect for a newly refurbished apartment is without a doubt the Carattere model, which delivers chromatic harmony thanks to the combination of white glossy lacquered finish doors with the marble, steel and oak veneered tops, picked to frame the island, providing an extra surface for drinks with friends.

Generally speaking, no holds are barred in this composition, leading to an super-accessorised kitchen: just look at the introduction in the corner of the cupboard with retractable doors, capable of storing up to four appliances. So you can let your culinary creative juices flow!
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White and wood kitchen