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A bathroom of emotions

A bathroom of emotions

Sculptural volumes, mixtures of colours, materials and accessories for bathrooms that will amaze and astound.

Romanticism for two

Suave and stylish Powder Pink plays the starring role of this Tratto bathroom composition with double sit-on washbasin on Blanco City quarz top and double mirror illuminated by white Fancy lamps. The Copper taps emphasise the personality of the model, while the visible containers and concealed spaces reveal and conceal. The area dedicated to make-up reveals a console fitted with a wall-mounted make-up mirror and an undermount container to store all your beauty secrets.

Elegance never goes out of fashion

A chic bathroom, where classic and contemporary cohabit in the elegant furnishings and innovative design. Characteristic features of the Magnifica Glamour composition are the new chrome-finish round handle, teamed with the vanity unit supports, and the sophisticated diamond processing of the Prestige White glossy lacquered door. The top is in Conde marble with built-in washbasin in the same material. The elegance and sophistication of those who love refinery in every detail.

A bathroom of emotions