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Guide to TV units

Guide to TV units

Broadcasting from Scavolini: TV units to furnish your living room

It is quite customary to splash out on a new, latest-generation TV when you move to a new home, to enjoy an enhanced visual experience and create your very own home-cinema. So what’s the most suitable TV unit for your new screen? Let’s look closer at how to furnish your living room together!

Combined TV and storage unit

A must-have in any self-respecting lounge, the TV unit will give your new purchase pride of place, making the TV corner even more alluring and enticing. What if it were also a storage cabinet? Offering four spaces, each one accompanied by drawers, the solution available from the Carattere collection gives you the chance to store everything properly, for a neat and tidy, relaxing lounge. What’s more, its colours and finishes easily match the rest of the décor and the other elements in the collection, such as the display cabinet.

If low modules appeal to you, but you would rather opt for a wall-mounted cabinet, then Carattere also offers base units and shelves, which you can fill with your collection of books, CDs and DVDs.

Modular system

What if the TV was also a picture? Some of the latest-generation devices are designed to hang on the wall like a picture, in some cases they can even be adjusted and tilted towards the viewers thanks to a swivel bracket. So according to the latest trends, instead of using a traditional TV unit, you can furnish your lounge with a modular wall-mounted system, which you can customise with various modules including containers, shelves, drawer units and wall panels to frame your maxi screen to perfection. One example is our “Fluida” Wall System which enhances the furnishing potential of the models in the range, linking the kitchen with the living room (in the presence of an open-plan layout) and creating continuity of space and function.

What’s the cherry on top? One of the distinguishing features of Scavolini solutions is the design of a horizontal or vertical sliding door, allowing you to conceal/reveal the TV set as and when needed throughout the day, retaining a clean-cut look for your lounge. One solution could be the Formalia model.

Just add a comfortable armchair and les jeux sont faits!
Guide to TV units