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Living rooms: configurations for every style

Living rooms: configurations for every style

Living room compositions and models to choose from to suit all interior décor types.

Whether your home is classic or modern, large or small, there’s always a way to furnish the living room while mirroring the style of its inhabitants, preserving the functions and style of this room, one of the most important in any home.


Small living rooms

The living room has multiple purposes: it can be a refuge to spend time on your particular passions, whether this is reading a book or watching a film, a relaxation area to recharge your batteries at the end of a day’s work or the place to welcome guests and friends.

However we choose to enjoy this part of your home, if it is small in size, we need to implement certain strategies to make it suitable for our needs. An effective solution is to create a multi-functional living room, where the living room liaises with the kitchen in the furniture, wall units, base units and shelves, creating continuity in a single setting 

Furnishing the living room with style

The “Fluida” Wall System is perfect for creating bookcases and for freely defining storage areas with flap doors, up-and-over doors or pull-out baskets. It can be applied to several projects, such as, with the double-sided partition wall with which to design a hallway between two communicating settings to separate and at the same time join different possibilities of use.

How about space? There’s plenty!

If there is plenty of available space in the living room, you can achieve rational distribution, separating and best organising the room, enhancing the value of brightness, the capacity of cabinets, the enjoyability of the room. One solution of the LiberaMente project is built with the “Metro” Wall System, a versatile, industrially-inspired solution, perfect for all uses. 

Classic style by day

For those who love a classic look but don’t want to forego modernity. One idea is to create a contemporary living room that stands out for its balance and sophistication. Just like this Exclusiva composition made with prestigious materials and sophisticated finishes such as polished gold, the signature colour of this living room, and the handles with Swarovski® crystal beads.

Living rooms: configurations for every style