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Modularity for endless solutions

Modularity for endless solutions

The clever use of space and available centimetres: this is the concept behind modular solutions, where everything fits the size of your home. A wide range of possibilities for your kitchen, bathroom and living room!

With different ways of life and diverse needs, every one of us is unique and needs to interpret our living space in keeping with our own way of life. To do this, we can choose from a wide range of solutions that give us the utmost freedom of expression: they are referred to as “Modular Solutions”. They consist of “pieces” of furniture, or modules, that can be mixed and combined with one another.


When blended together, they make it possible to obtain a different and mesmerising composition every time, however always in keeping with our very own needs and tastes. Initially conceived solely for a modular kitchen, the modules were subsequently developed to satisfy the needs of any setting. Indeed, there are modules for every area of the home! They are designed to furnish any kind of square footage, and can even organise the smallest spaces. These incredible furniture systems allow us to create bookcases, shelves, shelving units, cabinets and much more, thanks to an infinite number of variations.

The living room

The living room is a place for sociability and relaxation, where the spaces need to be designed to accommodate and organise.

In the case of small, compact environments, for instance, modular furniture can be the winning solution. Using modular furniture, including the hanging version, you can create shelves, bookcases and TV stations while respecting and exploiting all the available space. Virtually a custom-sized solution!

The kitchen

Integrated in the living room or separate from it with modular systems, the kitchen can also be created at will. The modern modular kitchen, which is functional and versatile, allows you to organise the available space in the most efficient way possible, distributing the modules in complete freedom and according solely to your own specific needs.


BoxLife, for instance, is a modular project based on the idea of concealing to keep things organised. It's the perfect choice for those who love to keep their home neat and tidy. Indeed, thanks to the large panelling, you can hide away your appliances and even the entire kitchen. Everything is guarded behind simple concealed sliding systems or behind folding sliding external doors. In one swift move, you can transform your home into a place that is tidy at all times, ready to accommodate the people we love at any time!

The walk-in wardrobe

To make the most of your bedroom, there are modular solutions to put together wonderful, spacious and practical wardrobes. You can create tidy spaces, by choosing and combining shelves, baskets and drawers to store your clothes and accessories. A specific space for a generous wardrobe can even be obtained in compact rooms, it is only a matter of organising it!

Study-living room

Incorporated into the living room, bedroom or any other room of your home, modular systems makes it is easy to create a genuine personal study. Tables, shelves, filing cabinets are just some of the possible options to choose from. Everything you need to run your professional business from home can be achieved, thanks to the choice of modules most suited to your needs.

The bathroom

In the bathroom, the concept of modularity becomes even more important. In fact, the often confined spaces need to be designed in such a way as to be able to accommodate all the elements that prove indispensable to body care. Rivo is the perfect example! The use of modules allows us to guarantee total customisation of your bathroom without forgoing design, practical but effective materials and the functionality of the room itself.

The clever use of space and available centimetres, this is the concept behind modular solutions, where everything fits the size of your home.

Modularity for endless solutions