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Organising your larder with the kitchen larder unit

Organising your larder with the kitchen larder unit

Keeping your food and drinks neat and tidy is an easy challenge: all you need is a larder unit to make the most of the space in your kitchen!

Keyword: method. Tidying up your larder takes time, a “plan” and a little imagination. Having help by your side as well as the right “containers” to fill is an excellent way to declutter. Kitchen larder units are versatile solutions which allow you to exploit every centimetre and keep your inventory under tabs, also in view of your next shopping list. Here are some tips best to manage your larder and organise it stress-free!

Everything under control

A tidy larder really makes meal planning easier: you can spot food items nearing their expiry date at a glance, as well as items that need to be thrown out and those that you should never be without. Sorting and tidying up this space is a must, and it can be a fun game of Tetris if you have the right allies. A kitchen larder unit is a practical and very convenient solution to store food and keep it tidy at all times. If you have space free, a wall-mounted larder unit is ideal in the kitchen, where it can create a harmonious look with the rest of the furniture. If you have the right kind of space available, a narrow corridor or an old broom cupboard can be converted into a walk-in larder unit. What’s important is that you optimise the available space and don’t lose sight of the contents of the larder without having to rummage through brooms and vacuum cleaners!

Combinations that break the mould

A larder unit with sliding doors or with hinged doors is capable of offering a broad variety of styles, finishes, colours and sensations: that’s why they should be designed properly and suited to the style of the kitchen so as not to prove boring. If creativity has to be set aside for storage needs, combining several styles and materials could prove highly satisfactory, since it allows you to create unexpected effects that break the mould and avoid the boredom often associated with large monotonous items of furniture. A classical wooden larder unit, for instance, can blend in with an industrial kitchen in unexpected ways, such as in the Diesel Social Kitchen with Ruxe White wood finish, teamed with the polished gleam of steel and satin finish glass. Or, a modern larder unit could add a minimal look to a shabby chic kitchen, adding timeless prestige to it.

Neat and tidy, but invisible

To avoid losing sight of that heap of jars in the corner of the larder, which you have ignored for too long, tidiness inside the kitchen compartments is a must, even when the contents are not on show. You can choose between many different ways to manage the interior of the larder depending on the use and on the type of food stored. Simply opt for the setting that is most in keeping with your needs to have everything under control. For instance, manual pull-out, recessed, sliding, mechanically closing systems are available, as well as hooks, rails, washable containers and much more. Each one of these solutions can be matched with various interior design styles and is devised to tidy up the interior of your kitchen compartments. By choosing the most suitable solution, you can finally give a new lease of life to that long-neglected vintage larder unit!

These are our proposals for a well-organised larder. Now, you choose the ones you prefer for your kitchen at Scavolini dealers!

Organising your larder with the kitchen larder unit