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A sink base unit for your kitchen

A sink base unit for your kitchen

Transform your kitchen with these 3 sink cabinets

Whether you’re a fan of minimalism or a neat freak, there’s always a sink cabinet designed to accommodate your needs and transform your kitchen décor. We’re here to inspire you with three sink base unit ideas for your kitchen: perfect for all styles and functionality, they’ll add a touch of elegance as well as super practicality. Let’s discover them together!

1. Sink base unit with drawers

A complete solution that combines eco-friendliness with a tidy kitchen: we’re talking about the sink base unit with drawers, generously sized and capacious, perfect for organising your kitchen essentials, from your larder unit to your utensils and even your separate waste collection. The drawers in a sink base unit can in fact be accessorised with tubs to allow you to sort your waste materials, facilitating day-to-day activities and keeping your kitchen neat and looking good.

2. Island with built-in sink

Have you always dreamed of an open space featuring a kitchen with an island? In addition to cooking and socialising at the same time, incorporating the island worktop with a sink allows you better to coordinate the various stages of cooking, seamlessly switching from peeling and washing vegetables to chopping and cooking them. What’s more, the island with a sink can be completed with open-fronted or closed compartments, which are ideal for storing other utensils and small appliances.

3. Smart wall units above the sink base unit

Forgotten some essential parts of a recipe? Ask Alexa! To make your kitchen smarter and more hi-tech, Scavolini has introduced a purpose-devised Task Bar which frames the sink cabinet: this equipped bar consists of an aluminium profile, on which the smart speaker device controlling and managing the various technological systems is fitted.

Have you already got a song in mind to play as you do the washing up? You can find this sink cabinet in the Dandy Plus interconnected kitchen.

Experiment with these ideas and find the one that’s perfect for you!

A sink base unit for your kitchen