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Modular kitchens with peninsula for different functions

Modular kitchens with peninsula for different functions

Extensive modularity and contemporary look to create elegant, functional and welcoming settings. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to introduce you to our modular kitchens with peninsula!

The modular kitchen with peninsula in its most classic configuration is made up of wall-mounted elements extending towards the middle of the room. It is an extremely versatile composition because it can turn into an efficient operating station equipped with all of the tools needed for preparation, cooking and washing, such as consisting of a simple table and breakfast bench where you can eat quick meals or offer drinks to your guests.

Depending on the situations, modular kitchens with peninsula lend a touch of modern appeal to the environment and adapt to our lifestyle, to the architecture of our home, to our culinary habits. Let’s have a look at a few examples.


Centre of operations that unites and divides

With DeLinea you can create a modular kitchen that becomes an element of union and division at the same time, in an open space that focuses on conviviality and sharing.
All of the main operations are concentrated in the peninsula that is fitted with a worktop in Calce Grigio porcelain stoneware, a pale shade that distinguishes the washing area with built-in sink. Whilst the cooking area is defined by the dark coloured Calce Antracite stoneware, in simplicity and harmony with all of the other elements offered in Prestige White lacquered finish.


Unprecedented combinations for small sizes

The hues are dark, but this configuration of a Diesel Social Kitchen modular kitchen with peninsula lights up thanks to the presence of steel and the transparency of glass that enlarge the boundaries and sizes. Tempered matt black lacquered oak for the base units, wired glass for the wall units, “Spotless Metal” satin finish steel for the shelves and next generation sink built into the worktop which also turns into a practical breakfast bench.
Different materials and unprecedented combinations, for a perfect blend of styles and plenty of functionality, even where compositions are designed for confined spaces.

Daily elegance

The peninsula, in large modular kitchens, can represent an element of design which more forcefully helps to define the contemporary character of the composition, without excluding its practicality. Like in this LiberaMente Moon Blue matt lacquered model with Calce Bianco porcelain stoneware top that extends into a pleasant snack counter where you can eat quick lunches on comfortable Step stools. The attention to detail can be seen in the colour contrast with the modern Levity glass support, with superb styling impact.


Modular kitchens with peninsula for different functions