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Small bathroom: space-saving ideas

Small bathroom: space-saving ideas

From shelves to cabinets and accessories, there is more than one idea to optimise the size of the wellness room.

Furnishing a small bathroom requires a good dose of ingenuity to achieve a comfortable environment with design elements that make it unique. Luckily, we have solutions that can easily be adapted to different types of style. Let’s have a look at a few impressive ones.

Lightness in great style

Having little space doesn’t mean that you have to do without something. Tratto bathroom compositions express this concept extremely well: everything you may need can be added to a single wall with a hint of essentiality and high quality materials.
The washbasin unit with handy drawers and super ergonomic handles is combined with the Line System back panel with shelf brackets and bowls where you can store all necessities, without further clutter. The choice of Titanium Grey matt lacquer for the Mineralmarmo top and washbasin contributes to its superior aesthetic appeal that wins you over.

Attention to detail

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail”. Because this innovative Juno bathroom proposal highlights very trendy details, such as the new Magneto system where shelves, soap dishes, towel rails and open-fronted wall units with mirrored back panel are installed to visually enhance the dimensions.

A considerable freedom of composition which has been supplemented with the possibility of using a double washbasin, but with all the lightness given by the wall-mounted unit and ultra clean-cut silhouettes.

Shelves mon amour

The shelves help to make the most of the space available and turn into excellent support bases that are never enough in the home! This is true for any domestic place, but in the bathroom you only need a few centimetres to make a difference.  The shelves are furniture components that you can put under the mirror and the washbasin, or separately as storage elements, boxes and containers A few examples are those of the Qi project. Their versatility is infinite.

Functionality at our disposal

If the bathroom is not only a room dedicated to our well-being but also a laundry room, even more so should it be organised in the best possible way.
With laundry space it is possible to meet the demands of everyday life, combining flexibility, elegance and compactness of each element. Like in this solution, ideal for making even a small environment extremely functional.

Small bathroom: space-saving ideas