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What’s the best style to furnish a mountain home?

What’s the best style to furnish a mountain home?

Tips and solutions to plan the interiors of your mountain home

You can draw inspiration from surrounding nature to furnish a mountain home. Natural materials such as wood and stone, soil-inspired colours, soft rugs, cosy cushions and decorations that bring to mind the sinuous shapes of nature will help you plan a comfortable and welcoming setting.
Or you could opt for a more modern style to mix with rustic pieces and create a truly wow-effect ambiance.

It’s up to you!

Style... at high altitude!

Before organising the available space, first consider the colours, materials and light sources you’ll use because these decisions will have an impact on the setting and on your choice of furniture.
So here are our tips to create a warm and comfortable setting:

colours and materials: opt for warm hues such as beige, brown and green which bring to mind the surrounding nature; choose natural stones to create continuity with the outside, prefer wood for both the furniture and the details.

light: the departure point is always to strike the right balance between natural and artificial lighting. Soft lights and lamps with rustic details will help create a welcoming atmosphere: soft light is especially appreciated on those cold winter nights.

and now... for the furniture!


In mountain homes, wood definitely plays a starring role. Its natural beauty, the thousands of differences in shade and its textured feel give its surroundings a touch of warmth. Whether it is used on the floor, for a cabinet or in the details, wood releases an enchanted magic within the home and its surroundings suddenly become relaxing while coming to life.
A kitchen, tables and chairs, cabinets or robust and functional beds in unfinished or treated wood to furnish your chalet are the perfect fit for a rustic style. Combine them with details that make a difference: bookcases or shelving provide additional storage space or somewhere to display items that say a lot about you; sofas and armchairs covered with soft fabrics and wool or faux fur blankets to add that extra touch of luxurious comfort; appliances in stainless steel or with rustic details for the kitchen, accessories such as dishes to display, along with mirrors or wooden decorations that bring to mind life in the great outdoors.

If the above style isn’t your particular cup of tea, a valid alternative could be a modern style of mountain home
Pairing contemporary elements such as metal, glass and concrete with wooden cabinets and matching furniture; picking out a palette of neutral colours like white, grey and black teamed with more natural hues, that recall the earth such as green or blue could prove to be the winning concept. 
A clean-cut, minimal design for the furniture will prove useful to create an open and airy space.
And why not install a contemporary fireplace incorporated into the rest of the furniture to warm up the setting? 
This fresher and more contemporary approach to mountain living will nevertheless blend in seamlessly with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Have you decided on the style for your mountain home? Visit a Scavolini Dealer to design it together!
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What’s the best style to furnish a mountain home?