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A country style kitchen

A country style kitchen

Timeless and welcoming: allow yourselves to be inspired by country chic kitchen models and our latest news.

“I want to go and live in the country” were the lyrics of a famous song by Toto Cotugno. Today, more than ever, rediscovering a slower and simpler life is truly appealing. Whether we live in the country or in the city, it is great to be able to replicate the pace of a modus vivendi immersed in nature. Simply surround yourselves with furniture, objects and interior design items that recall a peaceful and green lifestyle, without forgoing high-end aesthetics.  Starting at the heart of the home, namely the kitchen.

Country chic kitchens are welcoming and charming; they have the ideal look for those who live in traditional country homes, but also for those who, despite experiencing the hectic pace of big city life, desire a warm and relaxing space indoors.

Traditional and contemporary

Colony is a kitchen devised and created for young romantic couples or for those who are nostalgic about country kitchens. For those who love evergreen details that help in their everyday routine, elegance in small things and the reinterpretation of classic decorations to make them topical for modern-day eyes and requirements.
The Family kitchen is dedicated to those who prefer modernity, without forgetting their roots entirely. Trendy design, well-balanced materials and colours that express personality, and all the tools of the trade for a comfortable, functional and familiar atmosphere.

Both the country chic kitchens in the Easy line feature a traditional style, with a decidedly contemporary twist.

Colour is warmth

It brings to mind pleasant sensations, such as a spring breeze blowing in from the sea: the new Capri Ash nuance in the Carattere kitchen encapsulates the elegance of nature.

The veneered door is a direct reference to the warmth and charm of traditional-style country estates, accentuated by the cup handles in the aged Silver colour finish, by the English-style frame of the wall units and by the glass fronted unit resting on the retro-look worktop.

Bright Total White

Did you think that white was used solely for contemporary or shabby kitchens? In actual fact, the country style also uses white, albeit in a customised manner. The total white of the Favilla model offers an atmosphere of bright striking simplicity, against which details with a country twist, such as the large work surface in Natura ash for everyday tasks and the practical shelves teamed with decorative shelf brackets stand out.

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A country style kitchen