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A new Musa in the kitchen

A new Musa in the kitchen

Are you looking for inspiration for your kitchen? Choose the new Musa model

If it’s true that cooking is easier in a beautiful and organised kitchen, with the new Musa model you can really indulge yourself at the hob: here is an overview of the features of the new products designed by Vuesse, a unique mix of functionality, high quality materials and different surfaces.

A modern kitchen

You can’t say that the Musa kitchen does not have a modern style: the proposed composition with island follows the latest design trends, offering plenty of space for preparing, serving and organising dishes. In addition to the combination of sink, cooking area and worktop, the island also features storage base units, which are perfect for containing crockery, tablecloths and all daily life essentials.


What’s more, we are sure you like the idea of being able to keep an eye on any food cooking while still entertaining your guests?! Gather your friends around the peninsula, seating them on high stools: there will be room for chatting.

…but not like the others

If the kitchen composition with island creates a spectacular effect alone, then the particular custom shaping of the materials will only enhance this: a distinctive feature of the Musa project is the introduction of the flat slat door, combined with a selection of strong handles.


To complete the material collection, there is also a glass fronted unit that lightens the linear and compact tall units, emphasising the subtle soul of the entire project, which is seamlessly set in the contemporary design.

In other words, we are talking about a kitchen that is minimal in structure yet sophisticated in its accessories and details, which enrich it with style, furnishing a warm and welcoming environment. Are you curious enough to find out more about all the colours available? Ask one of our dealers to design the perfect Musa kitchen for your interiors!

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A new Musa in the kitchen