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A small home furnished to the hilt

A small home furnished to the hilt

Space-saving solutions to furnish a small home: introducing the Box Life project, and more

Whether you are a student away from home or a commuter setting up your pied-à-terre, or you have simply bought your own small apartment, you will be asking yourself how to furnish it to optimise all the available space. In detail, not sure how to divide the settings? Are the appliances taking up too much room and you have run out of space to fit them? In this article, we’ll show you the best solutions to furnish a small home to suit your individual needs and preferences!

Conceal to keep things neat and tidy

Although furnishing a small-sized apartment may pose a challenge, we know that in order to tackle it, you need to focus all your efforts on organising the interiors. How about concealing to keep things neat and tidy? The Box Life collection, in partnership with the Rainlight™ International Design Studio and its creative director Yorgo Lykouria, was created specifically to accommodate the increasingly typical need for dynamic settings, which are capable of adapting, converting and hiding if need be.

You will in fact agree with us on the fact that for a successful life in a small home or studio apartment, the space needs to be multi-functional, in other words a place to cook, work, sleep and at the same time do your laundry and, why not, sort your wardrobe. If it seems impossible to imagine having a walk-in wardrobe in your home, that is only because you haven’t seen the linear, corner and U-shaped solutions available in the Box Life range: the true starring role is played by the panelling, in other words the cabinets with single or double retractable doors, which can house whatever you want, from your kitchen cabinets to your washing machine, a double bed, single bed and even bunk beds, as well as an accessorised wardrobe.

Mention also must be made of the handles, which guarantee comfort and maximum stylistic continuity: in detail, the outer panel opening is possible thanks to recessed handles, a handle profile on the top of the door for the kitchen, whereas in the sleeping area, it can either be manual or motorised. You can’t get more practical than that!

Less is more

When the amount of space is limited, you need as little clutter as possible: flashy and bulky furniture is therefore a big no-no in small homes, leaving room for versatile solutions, capable of furnishing two rooms in one. One idea could be fitting a kitchen where the island not only works as the cooking area and work surface for utensils, but also as the table to eat meals, thus joining the kitchen with the dining room.

The same also applies to the lights: there need to be few of them, but in strategic points, preferably wall mounted and adjustable, in order to light every nook and cranny.


Another perfect ally for small homes are mirrors, which create the illusion of a larger space, and pale colours, which are ideal to make the room feel modern and airy.


Now you know how to furnish your apartment, all that is left for you to do is get in touch with one of our dealers for a custom-sized project!

A small home furnished to the hilt