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A tidy home for a happy life

A tidy home for a happy life

The fine weather is nearly here. Let’s reorganise our homes to gain some space and live lighter and happier.

The air is filled with the desire to renovate. As our desire to enjoy our homes with lightness and freshness is accentuated, in synch with the new season that’s on the way. Let’s discover some ideas on how best to organise our domestic settings. This year’s spring cleaning should focus on keeping your home neat and tidy, filled with light and joy.

Key words
Americans refer to it as "decluttering", i.e. removing excess objects to go on a fun and creative journey towards achieving simplicity. The world’s tidying guru is called Marie Kondo, author of the book entitled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying” who recently starred in a TV series, has no doubts about how to go about this: discard, clean up and reorganise. How? By following the method she devised to save us both time and space, and thus be happier.

The unsustainable lightness of tidying
Cabinets, storage units and drawers are often filled with too many objects, and many of these end up just taking up space and remaining unused. Kondo sorts them into clothing, books, documents, sentimental items and komono, i.e. miscellaneous items that don’t come under the previous categories, such as kitchen and bathroom items. Her method can be applied either tidying one room at a time, or targeting an individual cabinet depending on the time available. You also need to appeal to your inner emotions, keep only possessions that “spark joy” using a system of sorting and reorganising to achieve pure tidiness and well-being. 

A home that reflects us
Once you have achieved this much-desired tidiness, how do you go about maintaining it for as long as possible? Mindfulness offers an extra motivation to simple cleaning rules. A drive to create enjoyable settings, in keeping with one’s deepest ambitions, to help us in the everyday pursuit of inner calm amid the myriad activities that keep us busy each day. Besides, it’s also a science fact: people who love a clean and tidy home are calmer and more relaxed.  


The right space

From the kitchen to the living room, what could help us in our spring cleaning mission? Modern storage units providing outstanding space organisation or a cupboard with a more classic look yet super-accessorised, to store everything in its place.  A tip? In your cabinet, cupboard or bathroom cabinet, make what you use the most more accessible, so you can reach it without too much effort, especially when you’re in a hurry.
If your kitchen size is too small, then look for space in the living room! Roomy and multi-functional dressers, highly attractive furnishing solutions, where everything can be stored in the most efficient manner.

Young social trend

It would appear that youths, specifically Millennials, embrace the regenerating aspect of tidying and dusting. So it’s quite fitting to state the following: make way for youngsters, and for social media, where cleaning influencers thrive, especially on Instagram. If you like being trendy, what better than finding the right time and space to get everything you need and tackle your spring cleaning for a truly beautiful home!


If the kitchen area is your weakness, here are five simple tips to reorganise your kitchen space and how to organise your larder, following the magical path to tidying led by Marie Kondo! 

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A tidy home for a happy life